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speed bump

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    Report: Lexus LFA owner gets town to remove speed bump

    What do you do if you have enough money to buy a Lexus LFA but can't get the car safely to your house? Get local government involved, of course. Rune Berge Vik, of Stavanger, Norway, did just that after he bought a Lexus LFA (the only LFA in the Nordic region according to last year only ...

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    Go slow and be rewarded with flat speed bumps

    We happen to know of a housing development in Southern California that recently had its central road repaved. Out went the crumbling asphalt and nasty old speed bumps, and in went shiny new black pavement... and an additional helping of nasty new speed bumps. The paving company had actually doubled ...

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    Philadelphia using 3D illusions of speed bumps to slow traffic

    When is a speed bump not a speed bump? When it's a faux traffic calming device merely painted on the road. Philadelphia is trotting out "Drive CarePhilly," a program that simultaneously gets a raspberry for its name and its execution. The aim of the effort is to slow down speeding drivers, and one ...

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    VIDEO: Speed bump to end all speed bumps

    As annoying as speed bumps can be, sometimes they're a necessary evil that can help keep speeds down in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Some would even like to install the bone-jarring rim benders on side streets to keep young folk from driving with reckless abandon in residential areas. A ...


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