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86Koenigsegg supercar crash in Poland injures at least 17 [w/videos]

At least 17 people were injured over the weekend when a driver at Poland's Gran Turismo Polonia event lost control of his Koenigsegg and crashed into the crowd. Video of the accident (scroll down to view, though be warned some scenes are graphic) shows the driver piloting his supercar down a straight stretch of closed-off road in front of spectators at high speed when it veers off to the right, hits a curb and plows into a group of spectators that included children before spinning around 180 deg

7Audi has a plan to manage R8 sales, quell speculators

Judging by the recent proliferation of spy shots, the ongoing success of sites like Autoblog and other developments in our little slice of the mediaverse, it's no secret that we live in a society obsessed with "the new." This idée fixe among automotive connoisseurs has given rise to hundreds of "speculators" that purchase the newest hotness, then sell said vehicle for an inflated premium. It's capitalism at work, but Audi doesn't like it.

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