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    Report: Mini apologizes with chocolate rose after spamming customer's inbox

    If you're a manufacturer, there are only so many ways you can say "sorry" after your automated e-mail system goes berzerk and spams everyone on your mailing list with hundreds of the same message. Mini recently found itself in that very spot, and rather than respond with a sheepish mea culpa, the ...

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    Study: Auto business loves spam more than any other industry

    Getting spammed daily from all sides has become a fact of life. If you have an email address and use the internet, you will get spammed. Most likely numerous times throughout the day. In a recent study by Symantec, researchers found that the automotive business is the most-spammed industry out ...

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    Nine Out of 10 Nigerian Princes Agree: Auto industry spammed more than any other

    Want to know a fun fact that can probably win you a free round at the bar? P.T. Barnum didn't say, "There's a sucker born every minute" – a man named David Hannum did. But before that, we can talk about George Hull. After an argument with a minister about a passage in the book of Genesis ...

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    VW busted for scamming Google search, gets off easy

    Both Volkswagen and Google have responded to criticism that the automaker's web pages were in violation of Google's quality guidelines. The uproar centers around hidden keywords in flash-based pages. Rather than include the keywords in the meta tag of the HTML page, which is where information about ...


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