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    Video: Sebastian Vettel previews Barcelona Grand Prix in Red Bull simulator

    Sebastian Vettel explaining a hotlap of the Barcelona GP – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Barcelona GP is less than a week away, and you know what that means: original Red Bull content. This time it's Sebastian Vettel talking us through a flying lap of the 4.6-kilometer ...

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    It's Good to Be the King: Juan Carlos of Spain parks a tuned Audi RS6 in his fleet

    Spanish King Don Juan Carlos' Audi RS6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Wouldn't it be nice to select cars from an automaker's fleet the way you select lobsters from a tank? Some, like King Juan Carlos of Spain, can do exactly that, and this is his latest lobster: a blackout-remixed ...

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    VIDEO: Fifth Gear exercises the outlandish Tramontana R Edition

    Tramontana in fighter plane regalia - Click above for high-res image gallery
    You've seen the Tramontana before, and now, you can see it in motion. This Spanish made beast sports a 100% carbon fiber chassis, a twin-turbocharged AMG 5.5-liter V12 that makes 720 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque, it ...

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    Spy Shots: Mystery concept caught in Spain

    Mystery concept car in Barcelona -- Click above for image gallery
    Autoblog Quiz of the Day: the minicar pictured above was spotted in Barcelona, Spain at Central del Poblenou Park, during what sounds like a photo or commercial shoot. Two people were caught driving it, the one in the sky blue ...

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    Australian website gets first spin in GTA Spano [w/VIDEO]

    GTA Spano – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    We're spoiled, us supercar fans. With so many awesome road-munching beasts on the market, we've grown jaded. Which may go some ways towards explaining the general reaction to the GTA Spano. Here's an accomplished racing team unveiling an ...

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    GTA Spano supercar debuts in Valencia

    GTA Spano – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Anything you can do, I can do...also. That seems to be the modus operandi of the Spanish auto industry vis-a-vis the Italians. So while Volkswagen is vying to reshape its Seat subsidiary into an Iberian version of Alfa Romeo, Spanish ...

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    GTA Concept supercar finishing testing, launching next month

    GTA Concept supercar - Click above for image gallery
    Between Ferrari and upcoming new projects from McLaren, there is no shortage of supercars developed by F1 teams. But now, even some Formula 3 teams want to get in on the action, as evidenced by the new GTA Concept. The mid-engined supercar on ...

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    ¡Muy Triste! Barcelona Motor Show scrapped for 2009*

    With every major city and its suburbs hosting their own auto shows, we can't be everywhere. Most major news occurs at the major auto shows, but this year, our absence will be missed at one less auto show than last year, because organizers have announced the cancellation the Barcelona Motor ...

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    Ashes to Apex: Spread your remains at Catalunya

    If you are a motorhead looking for a final resting spot, there's a place just outside Barcelona, Spain that may be your ticket. It's the Circuit de Catalunya, host to both MotoGP and Formula 1 races. The track is now permitting human remains to be scattered across the course. While the circuit ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Crashes aplenty at the Spanish Grand Prix

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix Formula One is fast, and fast is dangerous. That's the assumption formed on the basis of decades of fatal crashes in the sport when the slow advancement of safety measures couldn't keep up with the ever-increasing speeds of grand prix ...

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    Back with a Vengeance: Schumacher takes all in comeback F1 test

    The critics have been silenced, and silenced good. Michael Schumacher retired a seven-time world champion, but his eighth title narrowly escaped him right down to the line at his farewell grand prix in 2006. Retiring after losing the championship two years in a row to a younger Fernando Alonso, ...

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    Hamilton Wiki-attack: the British press fire back

    Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. Remember the story we brought you a couple days ago about the Mercedes employee in Spain who trashed Lewis Hamilton on Wikipedia? Yeah, pretty ridiculous, we know. But the British media, if you can believe it, is actually taking it seriously. The Daily ...

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    Spanish Mercedes employee Wiki-trashes Hamilton

    Mercedes-Benz, which supplies the engines to the McLaren team where British rookie Lewis Hamilton and Spanish champion Fernando Alonso have been battling it out on and off the track all season, is hunting down one of its employees in Spain. The as-yet unidentified employee, evidently an Alonso fan, ...

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    Miracle Car? Look, it's the Jesus MINI!

    Click image for photo galleryIt's the holiday season in Europe, during which workers shut off their PCs and then vanish for like, a month. Many head for the water, and Spain's beaches are a popular destination. Given that there will be plenty of eyeballs congregating along the coasts, MINI has ...

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    Volvo's treasure hunt finds real treasure on ocean floor

    var digg_url = ''; We were wondering whatever happened to Volvo's treasure hunt promotion that coincided with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. The prize of $50,000 in gold ...

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    Ferrari 599 goes up in flames

    When the engine on Massa's or Raikonnen's Ferrari monoposto overheats and catches fire, that's one thing. When the engine on a customer's personal Ferrari GT car goes up in flames, it's an entirely different story, distinguished primarily by the lack of emergency fire marshals and pit crew to ...

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    Spain wants a second grand prix

    The case for a second grand prix in Spain is growing stronger. The prospective site would be the Valencia circuit, the race track on Spain's Mediterranean coast that most of the F1 teams use for testing. The city of Valencia has recently undergone considerable renovations for hosting the America's ...


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