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    Jody Scheckter launches Lormarins 1200 with £10m in classics

    Lormarins 1200 launch in London – Click above for image gallery
    If you're into classic cars and vintage rallies, you know the Mille Miglia, but you likely haven't heard of the Lormarins 1200. Not yet, at least, because it was just announced and has yet to take place. Unlike the Mille ...

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    Where'd Uwe Go? New Gemballa company reportedly formed under mother's name, founder still missing

    This business with Uwe Gemballa just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier with each passing day. And by business, we mean business. The founder and namesake of the Porsche tuning outfit was reported missing a couple of weeks ago upon a trip to South Africa. Initially the news was taken at face ...

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    Reader Spy: Next Pagani C9 supercar caught truckin' in South Africa

    Looks like the dyke's about to burst on the new Pagani C9, Horacio Pagani's cat-out-of-the-bag replacement for the legendary Zonda. Long story short, the Zonda is over ten years-old. The new C9 will be lighter, faster and sport better dynamics. Powering the new hypercar is a special, developed ...

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    Report: Euro tuner king Uwe Gemballa missing in South Africa

    Porschephiles and automotive enthusiasts the world over recognize the name Gemballa. The German tuning house has been responsible for some of the most extreme creations on four wheels and has been a well-respected brand for decades. Now reports indicate that Uwe Gemballa, founder and head of the ...

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    The Emperor's New Clothes: Pagani C9 prototypes snapped in South Africa with fresh sheet metal

    There's only so much testing that an automaker can undertake behind closed gates before the prototypes need to hit the open road. Consequently, automakers continue to devise all manner of camouflage and body cladding to keep prying eyes from seeing what they're working on. Horacio Pagani, however, ...

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    Pay It (Fast) Forward: Man reportedly gives away his Audi R8 V10 to pair of valets

    2010 Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    It isn't everyday that you see a beautiful black Audi R8 V10 on the road. But it happens. What never happens is a guy driving up to you in an Audi R8 V10 and walking up to you and handing you the keys. For keeps. That was probably ...

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    Piccolo Grande: Stretch-limo Vespa?

    A stretch-limo Vespa may still garner a fist to the face, but this attention-grabbing idea is better than the last flash of brilliance Vespa South Africa Managing Director Andy Reid put into action. That plan involved fake parking tickets being placed guerrilla-style on large vehicles to drive ...

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    They still make that? VW Golf Mk1 ends production after 25 years

    Volkswagen CitiGolf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The original Volkswagen Golf Mk1 arrived as a replacement to the Volkswagen Beetle way back in 1974. Sold in the States as the Volkswagen Rabbit, the early front-wheel-drive hatchback had a transverse-mounted (water-cooled) ...

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    Private race track club planned for South Africa

    The world's surface is covered in once-great racing circuits. Take Kyalami, for example. Over the course of seven decades during the last century, the world-renowned racing circuit on the outskirts of Johannesburg hosted Formula One races. But the last one was held there in 1993, and since then ...

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    Porsche-powered Barnard Endurance Racer Prototype from South Africa

    Click above for gallery of the Barnard Endurance Racer Prototype from South Africa
    Another day, another supercar. This time, our quarry comes from South Africa, a country perhaps better known to car people for building Noble trackday specials (now pronounced "Rossion") and modern-day Cobras and ...

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    Traffic Enfarcement: What's wrong with this picture?

    The script for selling one of these "automated revenue enhancement devices" to a municipality might go something like "and the best feature of the Robthepopulace 3000 is that it never makes a mistake - machines don't lie!" Tell that to Thomas, who received a citation in the mail after a South ...

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    Ford to invest $209m in South Africa for new Ranger pickup

    click above for more images of the current Ranger sold outside the USWhile recent times haven't been rosy for Ford here in the States, business is much better for the Dearborn, MI automaker overseas. To keep blue skies in foreign markets, Ford is ponying up $209 million in South Africa for both a ...

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    In South Africa, VW Citi Golf gets rated R

    Click image for photo galleryA little over a year ago, we posted about South Africa's Citi Golf line, which combines classic, old-school looks with a more modern interior. Now comes word that the "R" badge has found its way onto a very limited run of 100 cars that is sure to get the VW faithful ...

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    South African website names "gayest, straightest, and sexiest" cars

    And to think, VW/Audi is at the forefront of marketing its vehicles to LGBT audiences... In the latest round of assigning sexuality to vehicles, the Audi RS4 has emerged as the "straightest" car around in the "Alternative Car of the Year" poll, conducted by Wheels24, a South African online ...

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    African-American: Cadillac launches in South Africa

    GM's on a mission to take over the South African market. Just one day after the first HUMMER H3s rolled off the assembly line at GM's Struandale plant in Port Elizabeth, General Motors today announced it's bringing Cadillac to South Africa. The first models to be offered in "the rainbow nation" ...

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    SMART-ass billboards find their way to the bottom of a big ditch

    Remember those asinine SMART billboards that read, "German engineering. Swiss styling. American Nothing." in South Africa? Finally DaimlerChrysler saw them for the PR nightmare that they were and banished them to the bottom of a deep garbage pit. Says Chrysler communications chief Jason ...

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    SMART ass advert rips on American autos - UPDATE

    Apparently the American auto industry's reputation is particularly worthless in South Africa as this billboard ad for the SMART forfour shot on the side of the road near Johannesburg portends. It glibly reads, "German engineering, Swiss innovation, American nothing." The parent company of SMART, ...

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    Ford introduces Ranger Montana trim for South Africa

    While North America's Ford Ranger predates the Mesozoic era, the Blue Oval continues to update its small pickup entries around the world. In this case, the automaker has unveiled the limited-edition 'Montana,' available the standard range of 4x2 and 4x4 drivelines, and Double and Super Cab ...

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    MINI goes international with 49-day, 8,000 mile trek

    The idea of a 49-day, 8,000 mile drive  from South Africa to England would seem to suggest something rugged and roomy-- a Land Rover Range Rover, perhaps. But a trio of lightly-modified MINI Cooper S hot hatches have just completed the trek, having ventured through 10 countries (including ...

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    Rabbit, Run: It keeps going... and going...

    Given Volkswagen's recent announcement that it is pulling a Rabbit out of a hat Golf, and that Easter has just fallen off the calendar, we thought we'd remind readers that they can still purchase something very close to VeeDub's original bad bunny. That is, provided you call South Africa ...


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