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    Video: Mercedes celebrates its service departments with ill-advised anthem

    Worker anthems are always dicey (Exhibit A: the Hyundai Steel song), focused as they are on ideologies and products that usually don't register beyond the bounds of the factory floor and burdened with dirge-like tunes and queerly reverential lyrics. Mercedes-Benz created a peppy tribute to its ...

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    Video: Silverado campaign kicks off with 'Strong' original song

    The marketing of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado has begun, and The Bowtie has gone all 'Hearlandia' with a new campaign called "Strong." The effort is anchored by a song called Strong, written and performed by country singer Will Hoge as the anthem for the truck and the campaign. Keeping things ...

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    Video: Corrigan Brothers have The Knack for Toyota parody

    Corrigan Brothers' sing My Toyota – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Doug Fieger, lead singer of The Knack, died earlier this year. He and My Sharona live on, though, and not just on '80s radio stations. Witness this rather timely and well-done parody, My Toyota by the Corrigan ...

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    Jam Session: Automotive Orchestra

    One of the curses I've faced as a recording engineer is that the symphony of every day life drills itself through my skull. It can be quite distracting. People try to converse with you, and all you can focus on is the groovy rhythm coming from a rattly interior bit. Avant-garde musicians and ...

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    Watch a Hyundai spot, get a free song

    It's helpful if you like The Ataris. Hyundai is hoping to lure internet users with a banner ad that no doubt touts the free song. When clicked, the banner initiates a download, plays the song, and also pops up a 20-second commercial featuring the Elantra. You could also opt for the cellphone ...

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    VIDEO: Mercury's got Morningwood

    First, Mercury uses Spokesmodel Jill Wagner, who apparently leaves more of an impression on viewers than the cars she's shilling. Then there's the "youthful" music likely picked by a wonk in the ad agency. The band's name is Morningwood. Yup. The very same thing that is not likely to afflict the ...

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    Humorous song pokes fun, gives message, about SUV drivers

    People who suddenly explode into road-rage when they see a lone, petite driver chatting on his or her cellular while driving a full-sized SUV now have a song that expresses their inner Death Race 2000 contestant.The song, 90 Pound Suburban Housewife Drivin' In Her S.U.V., has only been playing for ...


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