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16Honda, SolarCity expand sun-powered partnership with new $50 million fund

Honda, Acura Buyers Can Benefit From Cheap Solar Energy

AddHonda, SolarCity will partner on solar-energy installments [w/video]

Add Honda to the list of companies that Elon Musk is partnering with. This time, though the CEO of Tesla Motors is not involving his electric car company, but instead the home solar-panel installation company SolarCity, chaired by Mr. Musk, which will work with the Japanese automaker to increase the number of installations at homes and dealerships throughout SolarCity's 14-state territory.

3Tesla Reveals Supercharger Stations, Free Energy For Model S Owners

Last night, Tesla made a major announcement furthering the user-friendliness of its electric vehicles. The Tesla Supercharger, which has already been deployed along high traffic corridors in California, will allow Model S owners to use their electric car for long road trips with no range anxiety. And, the best part for Model S owners is that Tesla will be providing the energy for free.

30Tesla, SolarCity working on solar-powered energy-storage systems

Tool around in a Tesla Roadster with the top down, and the sun can be a good friend. Now, Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk is finding an even better use for it.

15Following devastating earthquake, Elon Musk helping Fukushima go solar

In the last few months, Japan's Fukushima Prefecture has suffered through an enormous earthquake, devastating tsunami, and the frightening meltdown of multiple nuclear reactors. Not exactly the best set of circumstances. Though local and national officials have been working to restore services and and infrastructure, it's understandable that prefecture communities are still suffering from the damage caused this triptych of disaster.

15SolarCity puts in 200 kW of solar energy for electric vehicle chargers along Highway 101

Solar charging at the Atascadero Rabobank – Click above for high-res image

21SolarCity announces sun-powered electric vehicle charging network

Electric vehicle drivers in sunny California can now look forward to getting some solar-powered juice for their rides. SolarCity and Rabobank are partnering up to install a series of EV quick-charging locations along Highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, one of which is already solar-powered. Four chargers have been installed – and are in operation – in Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo. A fifth charger will be up and running in Goleta by the middle of

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