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    2012 Toyota Camry Solara coupe imagined

    If we're honest, our memories of the Toyota Camry Solara aren't exactly fond. And as much as we'd like to look back on Toyota's Red Hat Society coupe and convertible through a pair of rose-tinted glasses, we'll be content with our currently Solara-less lives. But now there's a new Camry, and a ...

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    Toyota has "no plans" to restart Camry Solara production?

    If you are in the market for a two-door Toyota convertible, you may want to rush to your local dealer and pick up one of the few Camry Solara models left on the lot. After reviewing demand for the Solara (the marque's lone convertible offering), Toyota has reportedly decided that reviving the ...

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    Toyota to Honda: You can have midsize coupe market. We out (sorta)

    The market for midsize coupes has always been a volatile segment. In a culture obsessing with The New, the hairdressers of the world are likely to trade up their two-door barges for something of the SUV or crossover variety.Toyota Motor Sales exec, Jim Lentz, recognizes this trend and feels that ...

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    Two more Toyota plants coming to North America

    First the Tundra, then a Camry in NASCAR, now they are building trucks in Texas?! The line between domestic and import cars will become even fuzzier as Toyota continues its assault on becoming the number one auto manufacturer in North America and the world. Over the next 2-3 years, they will add ...

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    2007 Camry Solara sees light of day

    Here are the first official pics of the slightly redesigned 2007 Camry Solara convertible. The shots show the car's new front end that features halogen headlights as well as those LED taillights out back. Not much new is going inside the Solara except for new interior trim levels and the addition ...

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    Toyota prices the Camry Solara

    Toyota's sporty coupe and drop-top variants of its popular Camry sedan has been priced out for 2007, and Toyota's bragging about the best mid-cycle refresh to date for the vehicles. The Solara coupe gets design upgrades aplenty, including new halogen headlights, a redesigned grille and fascias, ...

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    Toyota thrice celebrates American milestones

    Good things are coming in 'threes' for Toyota lately. Autoblog just hipped readers to the pending third birthday of its triumvirate of Scion offerings earlier today. What's more, three of Toyota's American plants are reaching some milestones of their own this year. The plants include: ...


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