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    Report: 100,000 Jeep Cherokee models subject to further 9-speed recalibration

    It seems that the software problems with the nine-speed automatic gearbox in the Jeep Cherokee continue to mount. The programming already caused multiple development delays and even postponed the Cherokee's market launch by roughly two months. Now, Jeep has issued another recalibration to ...

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    Report: Cadillac rushing update for laggy CUE infotainment system

    BMW's innovative iDrive was introduced in 2001, and a dozen years later, automakers are still learning hard lessons about what consumers want in their infotainment systems. In response to owner feedback – and a few media drubbings – about the delayed and occasionally fickle responses ...

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    Report: GM hiring 3,000 Hewlett Packard employees for IT

    In a case of outsourced becoming insourced, 3,000 Hewlett-Packard employees who are devoted to General Motors IT issues will be swapping workplaces, moving to GM and becoming GM employees in order to work on IT issues. The General wants to increase its speed of innovation and believes it can do ...

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    Report: Did Apple forget to tell automakers about the new Siri button? [UPDATE]

    Apple expects nine different carmakers to begin including a "Siri button" on their steering wheels within the next 12 months, the company announced this week. Of course, the news came as a surprise to some of the carmakers, according to Business Insider. After Apple announced plans to further ...

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    Official: Volvo expands Polestar software upgrade to more models

    Volvo is spreading the horsepower love around its fleet with a wider array of Polestar Performance software upgrades. 2011 and 2012 XC60, S60 and XC70 models equipped with a T6 engine are now available with a software upgrade that adds in 25 horsepower and 30 pound-feet of torque without ...

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    iPhone 4.0 software hints at automotive integration, new dock

    Our Apple-obsessed brethren at TUAW have been probing the company's new iPhone 4.0 software and, with the help of a trusted tipster, came across what could be a new automotive-related feature buried within the update. The new software will apparently allow a "iPod out" functionality, which could ...

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    Analysis: ABC News report shouldn't panic Toyota drivers

    You may have noticed that there have been a large number of reports recently about Toyota and the continuing series of recalls it has announced in recent weeks. Here at Autoblog we try to be fair and tell the story as best we can without being inflammatory. Unfortunately, the same can not be said ...

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    BMW finally acknowledges turbo lag, will update software

    Countless BMW owners have been frustrated for some time with software-induced turbo lag on their N54 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-6 engines. While early models were acclaimed for their immediate power delivery, it seems BMW felt it necessary to address "specific noise concerns" with the engine and ...

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    Left Out: UPS software minimizes left turns

    What can Brown do for you? Not make left turns, for a start. UPS uses proprietary software it calls "package flow" to increase efficiency in its logistical operations, including mapping out routes for each of its 95,000 delivery trucks. According to UPS, the software has already cut out some 28.5 ...

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    Become a car designer, just $19.99!

    From time to time we've all been tempted to purchase that fake diploma from the endlessly circulating email, right? The last time I checked, though, they weren't offering fake certificates from the Art Center College of Design, or the Academy of Art University. If you still held onto the dream of ...

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    Average cars have $2,000 worth of software and it's increasing fast

    Not so long ago cars and trucks were rather straightforward. Pretty much everything was mechanical, ignition systems had distributors, fuel systems had carburetors and suspensions had springs and dampers. The speedometer and odometer were driven by a cable that was twisted by a gear in the ...

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    Camry-soft? Toyota developing its own operating system

    As any fledgling tuner knows, a car's ECU's are the little things that mean a lot, and the modern car has dozens of them. For Toyota, which is working with suppliers to create an in-house operating system that will rationalize the number of control units and the amount of code controlling them, ...


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