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47Snowplow driver

Clearing A Path Through The Winter That Wouldn'™t End

Driven To Work is a new Autoblog series exploring the vehicles that do the work of the world and telling the stories of the people who operate them.

24Smart snowplows could mean safer winter roads

With winter in full swing across a number of northern states and many Americans driving home after spending the holidays with family, the icy and snowy roads are being given no shortage of attention. But a new plan from the National Center for Atmospheric Research and funded by the US Department of Transportation is given authorities new abilities when it comes to combatting dangerous winter roads.

253New York City Plow Driver Scrapes Away More Than Snow

Residents say snow plow damaged their street-parked cars

A New York City plow scraped away more than snow early Tuesday morning, Bronx residents say.

82Video: Hummers still good for some things, like towing giant snowplows

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