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    Video: Snake and Mongoose is this summer's other motorsports movie

    Rush is the Formula One epic that everyone in the auto industry is talking about, thanks to its A-list director and star actor (Ron Howard and Chris Hemsowrth, respectively). But just because Rush has Opie Taylor and Thor involved, doesn't mean it'll be the only racing movie of the year. There's ...

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    Video: Biker gets surprise visit from 155-mph snake

    Take a close look at the image above. Yes, it's a motorcyclist, riding an orange motorcycle. Take a gander at the speedometer, and you'll see he's doing about 250 kilometers per hour, which equals about 155 miles per hour. But wait – what's that yellow thing surrounding the digital ...

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    Video: Family has snake appear on hood of moving vehicle, keeps driving

    Parked vehicles are nearly the perfect hideout for all manner of critters. The infinite nooks and crannies of an automobile are all but irresistible for everything from insects to rodents, household pets and reptiles. One Memphis family recently had a close encounter of the legless kind when a ...


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