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smokey nagata

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    The top secret Top Secret LF-A that doesn't exist

    Smokey Nagata took a Supra to Nardo to flog it around the track and remind Toyota about what it could be doing with its time. Now, a freethinking designer with some serious rendering skills has upped Smokey's Supra by kitting out an LF-A in a similar garb. The result is this, the TOP SECRET LF-A ...

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    Top Secret V12 Supra does 222 mph at Nardo

    Smokey Nagata likes to smoke his tires on freeways all over the world. While his stunts may not be lawful or even sane, he continues to find new territory in which to get his thrills. After being arrested in England and New Zealand, he has finally taken his action off the streets and onto the Nardo ...


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