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So, how is the EV-building business going? Just fine, if you ask any of the executives over at the Tanfield Group PLC. Expecting to surpass the £120 million mark in sales this year, the owner of the worlds oldest electric vehicle manufacturer, Smith EV, is "close to signing a deal on a new North-East factory" according to a story in today's edition of The Northern Echo. With this expansion they also expect to hire another 300 people. The company is going to need the extra employees and pro


Right next to the Modec booth at EVS23, Smith Electric Vehicles commanded a swath of floor space with their large Smith Newton electric truck. Mark Aubry, North American sales manager for Smith Electric Vehicles, was available for an interview and told AutoblogGreen about how these trucks could work for American companies. The official launch of these EVs in the U.S. was two days before we spoke.

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