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    Video: BMW and Samsung team up with Galaxy Gear smartwatch that talks to your i3

    Without a doubt, the most impressive thing that BMW showed at CES this year was a driverless M235i drifting flawlessly around a wet track at Las Vegas Speedway. However, that bit of robotic helmsmanship wasn't the only trick the German company had up its sleeve. Or, more to the point, on its ...

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    CES: Mercedes showcases interactive technologies present and future

    In an age when luxury was all about sheltering the fortunate from the world around them, companies like Mercedes-Benz were satisfied simply to coddle their drivers and passengers in cocoons of leather and wood. But as luxury car buyers increasingly expect their vehicles to connect them with the ...

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    Official: Mercedes teams with Pebble for smartwatch tech

    Most automakers have realized by now that a good infotainment system is a must-have feature for many buyers, and have, as a result, invested increasing amounts of time and money developing these technologies. But some automakers are going above and beyond in-car entertainment and navigation ...


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