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Without looking at the law in every jurisdiction, we can say with some certainty that It is illegal to sell electricity in the U.S. unless you're a utility company. Originally intended to keep shady landlords from overcharging tenants for power, this law creates a bit of a problem for companies, like Coulomb Technologies, that want to get into the electric vehicle charging station business. At the Plug-In 2009 conference in Long Beach this week, we spoke with Coulomb's Mike DiNucci, who told us


Although the company just recently celebrated its first birthday with the announcement that it would be bringing the Tazzari Zero to America, Verdek EV, which was created by the former president of Pirelli Tire North America, has scored another feather for its electric transportation hat. Verdek has just gained exclusive distribution rights in the South Central region of the U.S. for Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint networked charging stations. That means when you pull up in your electric vehicl


Coulomb Technologies has launched its first public EV charging stations on its ChargePoint network this week in downtown San Jose CA. The Smartlets, which were announced last summer at the Plug-In 2008 conference, use a subscription service to allow drivers to park and charge their vehicles. When a driver signs up for the service (currently free after a $9.95 processing fee) they receive a smart card. Waving the card in front of the Smartlet unlocks the door and gives access to a plug. After plu


It takes more then cool new cars to move America to a nation of electric cars. Coulomb Technologies, the company behind the "Smartlet" charging stations, announced today that its resellers can now be found in 28 states. Public charging stations like the Smartlets are key pieces of an EV infrastructure, since there are about five times as many vehicles in the US as there are garages (247 million cars vs. 53 million garages). Coulomb's chargers are designed to (one day) work with vehicles from GM,


At the Plug-In 2008 conference in San Jose CA Coulomb Technologies has announced its new Smartlet charging stations and ChargePoint network system. The plan is for the company to sell the Smartlet stations to municipal governments and parking lot owners and then provide the ChargePoint network to provide a subscription based public charging system for consumers. The Smartlets are equipped with electrical metering and wireless communications capabilities. Drivers would get a subscription through


Smartlets. Sounds like a new, electrolyte-filled candy or something you plug into your MacBook. Instead, Smartlets are one idea that would provide power to plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt or the Saturn Vue.

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