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smart fortwo

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    Smart ForTwo Electric Drive to go on sale in early 2012

    Smart ED – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The second-generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (ED) is a limited (250 units available in the U.S.) test program model that Daimler will use to gauge consumer interest in battery-powered vehicles. Leasing the electrified Fortwo is ...

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    Penske blindsided by Daimler's decision to take over Smart USA?

    On or off the track, Roger Penske is a force to be reckoned with. His team has taken the victory lap 15 times at the Indianapolis 500 and his business ventures have made him one of America's richest and most powerful entrepreneurs. Sure, the dapper, silver-haired septuagenarian has had his ...

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    Submit your questions for Autoblog Podcast #217

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    We're recording the slightly belated Episode #217 of the Autoblog Podcast tonight, and we've put some topics below. Drop us your own feedback and questions or vote on your fellow readers' submissions to help determine what we discuss ...

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    Penske bails out of Smart distribution deal, Daimler takes over

    2009 Smart Fortwo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    So much for Valentine's Day. Penske and Smart have jointly announced that the couple is going their separate ways. Penske is walking away from it distribution rights, management, sales and marketing duties, but that doesn't mean ...

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    Chicago 2011: With two new models coming, "There is a future for Smart"

    2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Smart has delivered its first ForTwo Electric Drive and the 2011 ForTwo is equipped with a suite of first-time features such as cruise control, navigation and eight airbags. But no matter the advances heaped upon ...

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    Spy Shots: Are you the Smart ForTwo+2?

    The Smart rumor mill keeps churning and this latest image adds even more fuel to the fire. Thanks to some crafty, long-lens work, a photographer has managed to capture a diminutive example of a four-passenger Smart ForTwo. The 1:4 scale model clearly wears an extra set of doors and the wheelbase, ...

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    Japan unwraps chocolate Smart ForTwo for Valentine's Day

    Chocolate Smart ForTwo by Q-Pot – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    In Japan, Christmas Eve is a romantic holiday during which couples eat special cakes. So what's Valentine's Day, then? An occasion for women to buy men chocolate, of course. Or chocolate cars, as the case may ...

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    Video: 19 teenage girls cram into Smart ForTwo for new world record

    19 girls in a Smart Fortwo – Click above to watch the video after the break
    It's the question that's been racking the brains of the best and brightest the world over, and finally, we have an answer: 19. No, it's not the answer to life, the universe and everything... it's the number of ...

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    Hello Kitty wraps available for the Smart ForTwo

    The Smart ForTwo gets its Hello Kitty on – Click above to enlarge
    The Smart ForTwo and Hello Kitty... who thought it would've taken this long for those two to get together? Someone's prayers have been answered with this, the two-seater wrapped in a vinyl flag of Sanrio's 35-year-old Kitty ...

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    No Pun: Smart builds cardboard ForTwo

    Cardboard Smart ForTwo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Sometimes, the jokes write themselves. Artist Sarah Illenberger has partnered with Smart and the packing gurus at CD Cartondruck AG to build the world's first ForTwo hemmed in high-quality reusable cardboard. Both the exterior ...

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    Video: Banned Smart ad sells using fear of back seats?

    Smart ForTwo preys on your back-seat fears – Click above for video after the jump
    Are you afraid of getting into your car late at night, only to look in the rearview mirror and see a face staring back at you that isn't yours? Don't lie – we all have those random, irrational fears ...

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    Smart pummelled by U.S. sales freefall, tipped to sell under 100,000 globally?

    2009 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When gas prices hit the stratosphere in 2008, car buyers began a frenzied search for fuel efficient transportation. One of the big winners as a result of pricey petrol was the little Smart Fortwo. A surprising 25,000 ...

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    Focus Group: Just 8.1% of NY Smart Fortwo owners would buy again. San Francisco? 19.8%

    2009 Smart Fortwo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Perhaps the most telling statistics of the merits or demerits of a new vehicle may be from owners who have driven that machine for a number of months. By that time, the new-car smell is beginning to wear off and the various positive ...

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    Rumormill: Smart Roadster to make a comeback

    The internets are abuzz with word that the recent partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Renault may allow the the long dead Smart Roadster to be revived. The folks at Autocar report that a source within Smart says the company has had its eyes on bringing the roadster back to market for awhile ...

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    Report: Smart to reveal electric scooter at Paris Motor Show

    When you're already known for producing what basically amounts to the smallest vehicle currently available for public consumption, what do you do for an encore presentation? Go even smaller, of course. In the case of the Smart brand, that means cutting the total wheel count in half. That's right, ...

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    Smart ForTwo gets updates, new matte finish option

    2010 Smart ForTwo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Here in America, the Smart ForTwo isn't exactly selling like hotcakes, mostly due to the fact that it isn't very practical or efficient, it can carry an awfully high price point and the engine and transmission are, well, less than ...

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    Report: Swatch founder and Smart Car inventor Nicolas Hayek dead at age 82

    Nicholas Hayek passed away on Monday, June 28
    The man responsible for the Smart Car has reportedly passed away at the age of 82 of heart failure. Nicholas Hayek was a savvy businessman who wanted to apply the success he had experienced in the watchmaking world to car universe. Hayek brought ...

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    First Drive: 2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive makes a lot of sense for a few people

    2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As a population, the way we approach transportation hasn't changed significantly since the aircraft first fluttered onto the scene way back in 1903. In over 100 years, we've simply been refining the recipe we know the ...

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    Report: Mini working on city car

    Here in the U.S., the Smart ForTwo has proven less than successful considering the needs of most of drivers. Sold here on the merits of its efficiency, the Smart's true element is in the cities of Europe, where the small size allows nose-in parking and a diesel powertrain that's actually pleasant ...

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    IIHS condemns use of mini trucks and low-speed vehicles on public roads

    If you live in the U.S. sunbelt or in an upscale gated community, you've probably seen quite a few of those hopped-up electric golf carts trolling around your neighborhood. These low-speed vehicles are great for zipping to the mailbox or heading over to the clubhouse, and the vehicles are ...


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