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    Visually Challenged: Daimler encourages you to design your own Smart, results vary

    Carneval Smart ForTwo – Click above to try your hand at
    Not digging the Smart ForTwo's two-color paint palette? Think you can do better? You're in luck. Daimler, Smart's German parent company, has announced a contest where customers and budding designers can customize ...

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    Forget Zipcar - Smart reportedly readying car2go car-sharing program in Texas

    Steers and Smarts - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Daimler announced in March it would bring the tiny Smart car to the big state of Texas through its car-sharing service car2go. At the time, the German automaker declared that entering the Austin market with 200 ForTwos was "the next ...

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    Smart, or Stupid? Teenager cooks up Michael Jackson microcar tribute

    Eric Callisto read the reactions from Michael Jackson fans and decided that the city-sponsored Los Angeles memorial service wasn't enough. So, like any web entrepreneur the Logansport, Indiana native created a site to serve that outpouring. At Ultimate MJ Tribute, fans of the King of Pop can ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #135

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Episode #135 of the Autoblog Podcast is here. Chris, Sam and Dan took time out to chat about GM's fast-moving reorganization, Smart's dubious $99/month deal, raising gas taxes as a better way to increase fuel economy, and Shunk's ...

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    Fortwo 4 Less: Smart offers first incentives in U.S.

    2008 Smart Fortwo - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Penske Automotive Group, distributors of the Smart Fortwo here in the United States, recorded an impressive 24,622 total sales of the diminutive city car in 2008 and dealers widely reported that they could have sold even more had they ...

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    Confirmed: GM and Penske outline deal for Saturn - Aura, Vue, Outlook to live on

    Confirming a report we posted on earlier today, General Motors has reached a preliminary agreement to handover the Saturn marque to the Penske Automotive Group. In GM's official statement after the jump, the automaker says that the memorandum of understanding would entitle Penske to the brand's ...

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    SmartForFiveOh: Small Florida town employs Smart police cruiser

    Belle Isle Police Chief John Tegg with his new Smart ForTwo Police Cruiser
    When your Police Chief is six-feet tall and weighs 280 pounds, you might consider it cruel and unusual punishment to issue him a Smart fortwo as his police cruiser. But that is exactly what the folks in Belle Isle, Florida ...

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    Bigger smarts - forfour, forthree, etc. - could be coming

    13 people in a smart fortwo – Click above for small image gallery
    Almost a year ago, 13 people squeezed into a smart fortwo. Yes, they were gymnasts. It might someday be easier to fit more than two people in a fortwo if plans to make a longer version of the most diminutive production car ...

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    The Truth About Smart: fortwo rumors dispelled

    Though Men's Vogue has already attempted to disprove the theory that only women can get away with driving one, it seems that smart has seen the need to dispel some rumors about the fortwo, their little urban runabout. Specifically, many people apparently question how large of a person the smart can ...

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    Mercedes confirms B-Class coming to America

    For a few years now, we've debated whether or not Mercedes-Benz would be bringing its entry-level A-Class or the slightly bigger B-Class to the States. Fine cars both, but how well they'd fit into M-B's luxury image was a big question mark. Well, according to Bloomberg, DaimlerChrysler AG has made ...

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    SMART fortwo EV set to electrify British Motor Show

    SMART announced today that it will premiere a new SMART fortwo EV at next week's British Motor Show. Up to 200 of the electric microcars will be built and delivered to the UK, which will serve as the trial market for the "green" vehicle.The fortwo EV has 30-kilowatts of power, which gives it more ...

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    i on the prize? Mitsubishi's unique new city car tested

    AutoWeek spent a few days with the Mitsubishi i, the company's new microcar, in its native environ of Tokyo, Japan. While acknowledging some problems (seats designed for smaller frames, some ride discipline issues), the magazine came away impressed with its diminutive packaging, nippy handling, ...

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    Who will sell Smart in the U.S.?

    DaimlerChrysler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche thinks that's the big question as the company readies the Smart ForTwo city car for sale in the U.S.In a German magazine interview, Zetsche openly said that the company is looking for a U.S. retail partner, stating "The sales network is decisive...It ...

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    Decision on SMART coming in June

    DaimlerChrysler is still deciding whether or not to bring the brand to the U.S. and a recent Forbes article quotes Klaus Maier, head of sales and marketing at Mercedes Car Group, as saying, "I expect that we will make a final decision in June." Meanwhile, Zap began importing SMART cars in the U.S. ...

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    SMART expected to break even in '07

    DaimlerChrysler's quirkly little MINI-fighting brand might break even for the first time in its existence, according to the company. Less has been more, evidently, with all of the nipping and tucking going on in the company's ranks and product lineup in an effort to narrow down the losses. Big news ...

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    Smart roadster returns!

    Well, the rumor is now reality - DaimlerChrysler has agreed in principle to sell the rights to the Smart roadster to the British 'Project Kimber' consortium headed by David James. James' group has apparently signed a memorandum of understanding with DaimlerChrysler that covers both the rights to ...


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