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    Auto Expo 2010: Honda New Small Concept unveiled at New Delhi show

    Honda New Small Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    India's Auto Expo 2010 kicked off this week and the first major concept to come out of New Delhi is this: the Honda New Small Concept. Befitting its name, the New Small Concept is both compact and rather bland – ...

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    REPORT: GM tells dealers to think small to sell big

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze - Click above for high-res image gallery
    After decades of pushing heavy iron, General Motors executives are telling the company's dealers to think "beyond our dominance in trucks" and prepare to start selling small cars (vehicles like the forthcoming Chevrolet Cruze, above). ...

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    Jim Press: little trucks could be big

    click above for more pics of the 2002 Dodge M80 ConceptJim Press thinks that there's an emerging market for small, fuel efficient trucks. You know, the kind of trucks his former employer, Toyota, used to build. Press put in 37 years at Toyota, and he saw the evolution of the HiLux into the Tacoma, ...

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    Spy Shots: Baby Rolls nabbed

    Hours upon hours of lying prone on the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle have paid off for KGP's hardcore spy shooters. An upright test mule has been spotted running around at BMW's facility in the frozen hinterlands. There have been rumors of a smaller Roller swirling about, and these shots seem ...

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    Hyundai i10 revealed in India

    Hyundai's rolled out a new city car, the i10, which they feel is so good that it will double Hyundai's sales in that segment. Manufacturer propaganda always ladles on the glowing prose, but after reading through the specs, we were nodding in approval, too. A quick glance at the pictures had us ...

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    Ready for Take 2: Cadillac SRX replacement could go smaller

    While Cadillac's latest offerings have been significantly improving the iconic American luxury marque's appeal, the SRX, despite being a very good car, has been a bit of thorn in its lineup. Fortunately its replacement, earmarked for a 2011 launch, is shaping up to be a car-length or two in the ...

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    Dyno Dino: Baby Ferrari test mule spotted

    "We are not developing a cheap Ferrari" is the oft-repeated party line in Maranello. "Just don't look over there," might as well be the next, as spy shots have turned up yet again suggesting that Ferrari is indeed developing an "entry-level" model to slot in the company's line-up below the ...

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    Spy Shots: Ford Verisa on U.S. soil?

    Could this be the B segment car that Alan Mulally obliquely referred to between Shrub jokes during his NYIAS keynote? What we have here is a Mazda Versia, a JDM car that Ford may be considering bringing to the US. That'd explain it tooling around the Dearborn area, and it looks like it was snagged ...

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    REPORT: Porsche planning mini-Cayenne

    Remember when Porsche only made sportscars? It's hard to recall when its line-up has been growing with sport-sedans and sport-utes, but we're assured it wasn't all that long ago. Somebody needs to remind the herren in Stuttgart, though, because if the latest reports are to serve as any indicator, ...

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    Pint-sized Buick on the horizon?

    It ain't no Skyhawk. Actually, we're not even sure this is the model that Buick may be contemplating bringing Stateside. Perusing their Chinese offerings, however, this seems like the most likely bet for a smaller Buick to slot below the LaCrosse. The only other Chinese Buick that makes a sliver of ...

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    Baby Benz B: Coming to America?

    It's no great revelation that Mercedes-Benz has long projected itself as a premium automotive brand in the United States, where the three-pointed star is recognized as a badge of luxury. The American market has also been a driving force in Mercedes' development and marketing of large, gas-guzzling ...


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