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You can buy a lot of sports car for $295,000. A fully loaded Lamborghini Gallardo; an Audi R8 and matching R8 V10; three Nissan GT-Rs and a Mustang GT; a 911 Turbo, a Cayman and a Boxster... we can play that game all day. But buying a great car (or cars) is just part of the equation. Insurance, storage, fuel and track time can add up quickly, even for the well-off among us, but the folks over at Skip Barber have a different idea.


On its website, iRacing.com claims that it "exists to create the world's most authentic racing simulations, enable and organize real-time, online racing, and advance and expand motorsport." To that end, they have developed simracing. With hyper-realistic racing physics and interactive multi-player racing action, it's the next best thing to a track day. Well beyond what a normal "game" would offer, it's like the difference between playing Microsoft Fight Simulator and going through training at Mi

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