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    Report: Michael Schumacher's brain injury may be blamed on his GoPro

    It seemed like a freak accident when Michael Schumacher suffered a traumatic head injury while skiing in France last winter. After all, while he may have embarked off the marked trails, he knew that ski hill well, and was wearing a helmet when he fell over and smacked his head on a rock. So why ...

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    Motorsports: Red Bull Frozen Rush puts off-road trucks on ski slopes [w/videos]

    From the deserts of Baja to the hills of Pikes Peak to stadiums across the country, there's any number of places you can go to watch off-road racing trucks do their thing. But with Frozen Rush, Red Bull has skipped past all of them and headed to the ski hill. The energy-drink company is no ...

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    Video: Man attempts to lap Laguna in a car on two wheels

    We've been guilty of putting a vehicle or three on two wheels occasionally, but never on purpose. James "Ski" Smith, on the other hand, has made a habit of standing a car on edge for extended periods of time. That's impressive enough by our standards, but Smith recently attempted to take his ...

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    Video: How to use Bentley's Continental GT like a lead sled dog

    The Swiss know a thing or two about skiing. Our neutral friends go downhill, cross-country and even joring. Yeah, we've never heard of "joring" before either, but it apparently involves slapping on a pair of skis and getting towed around by a horse or dog. That doesn't sound like all that much ...

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    Official: BMW and K2 team up for promotional skis

    Despite the arrival of performance crossovers like the X5 M and X6 M, the BMW M range is still one bound largely to the road. Racing circuits too, of course, but the ski hill? Maybe not, but that's where K2 comes in. The sporting goods manufacturer has teamed up the the Bavarian automaker's ...

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    Renault rolls out special Dacia Duster just for French ski instructors

    Skiing the French Alps is something you'd likely associate with a luxury lifestyle. Dacia, on the other hand, is a budget brand. In other words, diametric opposites, you might think – until you recall that it's the Dacia Duster that's been challenging for France's Andros Trophy ice racing ...

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    Audi hits the slopes with advanced carbon ski design

    Audi Carbon Ski concept – Click above for high-res image
    Automakers are constantly on the lookout for potential synergies. Downhill skis wouldn't be one of the areas you might think they'd find it, but we've had plenty of examples that demonstrate to the contrary: Dynastar and Ferrari, ...

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    It's all Downhill from Here: Infiniti hits the slopes with Volant ski package

    Infiniti-Volant Limited Edition Ski Pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Infiniti's been really upping its game in the all-wheel drive segments, and you know what that means: more of the deluxe Datsuns in the parking lot at the local ski slopes. But while the Japanese luxury cars ...

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    Google Street View takes to the slopes of Whistler [w/video + map]

    Google Street View Snowmobile – Click above to see what it caught in the video and interactive map after the jump
    Google may have grounded its Street View fleet, but that doesn't mean there isn't still plenty to see on the search engine giant's most immersive of online tools. We've recently ...

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    Scarlet Slopes: Ferrari ski equipment by Dynastar-Lange

    If you're looking to inject some octane into your winter-time outdoor activities and the Saab/Salomon Aero X skis are just too Scandinavian for your tastes, there's good news from the front. The latest in the war on "ordinary" products from the central command in Maranello: Ferrari skis from ...


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