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    Nissan sketches out next-gen Micra... but will it come to the States?

    New Nissan Global Compact - click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan has just sent out the first sketch of its next-generation B-segment compact. The new car will be available globally starting next March in Thailand and then spreading to over 150 countries. The new car is expected to ...

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    Official Alfa Romeo Junior sketches surface

    Germany's Auto Motor und Sport has unearthed sketches and renderings of the upcoming Alfa Junior. Yet another car they get over there, that we wish we could have over here. Automakers usually counter hatch lust with the party line that they're not popular in America, so we'll see what Alfa puts on ...

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    LEAKED: Official Audi A1 sketches

    click above image to view all three reportedly official sketches of the Audi A1The folks over at CAR online swear they have three official design sketches of Audi's upcoming MINI-fighter, the A1. Reportedly "smuggled" out of Ingoldstadt's design studio, the sketches show Audi's tiny hatch in ...

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    Fiore designs to hit the block

    Click to view in high-resolution Automotive stylists draw up countless designs for every one that actually gets turned into a prototype, let alone goes into production. Those forsaken designs often fall into obscurity, never again to see the light of day. But some forty years later, one designer's ...

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    Update: new models from Alfa Romeo

    Late last week we brought you the leaked production schedule from the Fiat group, revealing, among other enticing tidbits, a slew of new models from Alfa Romeo, slated to hit the road in 2009, including the entry-level "Junior" sport hatch, the CXover SUV/coupe and the 169 range-topping sedan. The ...


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