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    Video: Tony Hawk jumps a moving Mini

    Remember a couple of years ago when Tony Hawk jumped over a Lexus LFA on his skateboard? Well that was nothing compared to what he's done here. Sure the LFA is a more impressive car than a Mini hatchback, but that Japanese supercar was sitting still when the world's most famous skater jumped ...

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    Video: Watch this unlikely drag race between a Corvette and an electric skateboard

    Here's a question to ponder: If it can outrun a C5 Chevrolet Corvette off the line, can we even call it a skateboard anymore? While we're intrigued by this Kickstarter project from Gnarboards, we'll admit to having no idea what we'd do with an electric skateboard that can do 0-28 miles per hour ...

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    Video: Plank + tiny wheels + V8 Supercar engine = Aussie for "skateboard"

    The Aussies prepare a special skateboard for Tony Hawk – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Tony Hawk will be in attendance at the Telstra 500 V8 Supercar race in Sydney next weekend, where he'll demonstrate his undiminished skills on the Monster Vert Ramp. As part of his welcome to ...

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    Harley Davidson targeting skateboarders with new model?

    2010 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight, in the company's Sportster segment, sits at a cross-cultural intersection in the cyclemaker's lineup. It apparently represents the spot where bikers meet skateboarders. It seems that ...

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    Video: Crazy Kiwi skateboarders draw ire for passing trucks at high speed on busy road

    Longboarding at 56+ mph – Click above to watch video after the jump
    There's crazy, and then there's this level of all-out insanity. A group of longboarders in New Zealand have taken to hopping onto the local highway and coasting down a sizable hill while overtaking local traffic. The speed ...

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    VIDEO: Man aims airbag at family jewels, regrets what happens next

    Man blasts family jewels with airbag: Click above to watch the video after the jump
    You may remember last fall when we showed you a couple videos by Farmer Dave where he blows up refrigerators. That was good, stupid fun involving the blunt force of an exploding airbag. What you're about to see ...

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    VIDEO: Nissan ad turns Qashqai into skateboard

    Nissan's really thinking outside the box with advertising for its new Qashqai crossover. Turning it into a giant skateboard for an unseen giant operator, they portray a Nissan as athletic equipment. With an oddly soothing soundtrack making the sights seem so natural, the Qashqai does things that no ...


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