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    Bid farewell to BMW's legendary M inline-six

    Click above for a high-res pic of the S54B32
    Say what you will about their design department, but BMW is known for producing some of the most amazing engines on the market. Especially the Bavarian automaker's stoic M division, whose current V10 engine has won its fair share of awards and then some. ...

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    Boxy, but quick - twin-turbo Supra engined Volvo 244

    If such a thing is possible, Volvo 240s have an even mustier image in Australia than they do in the United States. That's good for those of us who know that they're anvil tough and respond well to modifications. Being front engine, rear wheel drive and European, the ingredients for a stormer are ...

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    Vintage Bentleys rally Europe right

    When Bentley wants to open a new showroom, they don't do it by half measures. In honor of Istanbul, Turkey's first Bentley dealer on the Bosporus, the marque is putting on a 2,500-mile rally from London to Turkey. Called the Bentley Calista Rally -- because it ends at the Calista Luxury Resort in ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Subaru Legacy and Outback

    Click on either image to view our high-res gallery of the Legacy 3.0 R and Outback Subaru launched the 2008 Legacy and Outback models at the Detroit show, and while it's largely business as usual for the all-wheel-drive duo, there are a few revisions that the Subie fans amongst our readership ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance 301: Transmission R&R, Part II

    With the defective transmission finally removed from our Impala SS, it's time to tear it down to inspect for damage and replace any components that are deemed defective. Although we usually shy away from messing with automatic transmissions, manuals are usually simple enough to be serviced with a ...

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    Autoblog Maintenance 301: Transmission R&R, Part I

    Several of our readers have been requesting tech topics of a higher level of complexity, and so we went and broke a transmission just so we could show you how to fix it. OK, that's not quite how things went; the Tremec/BWA T56 six-speed manual in our '96 Impala SS started making some seriously bad ...


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