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    Report: Volkswagen readying new 10-speed DSG

    The Vienna Motor Symposium is where automakers and suppliers gather annually to discuss topics like new engines and powertrains, fuels, emissions and coming legislation. During last year's gathering Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn said his in-house engineers were working on a ten-speed DSG ...

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    ZF developed nine-speed transmission is coming

    Did your favorite brand just move to six-speed automatics? Are you already cruising along happily in seventh gear or perhaps you're enjoying the scenery with your transmission lazily churning in eighth. Well move over because ZF is getting ready to produce a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Marking ...

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    Audi expands A4 lineup with new FrontTrak model, six-speed manual on quattro

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Audi A4
    Audi is expanding its A4 line-up to include two new option levels on its entry-level sedan; one equipped with FrontTrak (read: front-wheel-drive) and another that finally offers a six-speed manual on the base quattro-equipped A4.The 2009 Audi ...

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    Audi and BMW to utilize 8-speed gearboxes to take on Lexus

    As we reported last month, it appears BMW and Audi, following the lead of Lexus, will begin to offer eight-speed automatic transmissions in their flagship models. Sources are now saying the transmission will be supplied by ZF Friedrichshafen, a familiar German supplier to both marques. Although ...

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    Hyundai aiming to lose weight, increase efficiency by 2015

    Like every other automaker that intends to do business in the U.S., Hyundai is planning for the future and the proposed fuel economy standards that are expected to hit in 2015. Currently, Hyundai's passenger cars average 32.4 mpg, while its trucks average 25.5 mpg. When the new regulations are in ...

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    GM bringing new six-speed tranny to market in 2010

    In an effort to keep up with the foreign competition, while at the same time offering consumers more ratios than they can shake their stick at, General Motors has made a pledge to invest $332 million into its Toledo, Ohio plant.The financial infusion is necessary to produce the new Hydra-matic ...

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    6-Speed transmission earmarked for next F-150

    Automotive News is reporting that the next-gen Ford F-150 will get a six-speed transmission (Note: '07 model shown). Whether or not it will be standard equipment is unknown at this time, but look for it to be available one way or another. It's worth noting that the new Toyota Tundra has an ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Ford Interceptor official unveiling

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery, now with 17 live shotsIt's been a long three weeks since Ford officially announced that the Interceptor concept would be debuting at the Detroit Auto Show, but the big, blocky sedan finally rolled onstage in Cobo Arena to an introduction by Ford ...

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    BMW M5 shifts old-school

    Purists will rejoice at the news that for 2007, BMW is offering its lightning-quick M5 with a manual transmission. Although the 500-hp super-sedan is capable of some jaw-dropping supercar-territory performance (like hitting sixty in 4.1 seconds), some enthusiasts have bemoaned its excessive use ...

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    GM makes another investment in new six-speed automatics

    General Motors upped this week's total investment in its new six-speed automatics to $500 million with Thursday's announcement that it was investing over $330 million in an upgrade to its Warren, Michigan plant, which will produce compact FWD and AWD models of the new transmission.All told, GM's ...

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    GM invests another $170 million in shift to six-speed automatics

    Announcing Tuesday a $170 million investment in GM Powertrain's Ypsilanti Transmission Operations and its satellite vendors and support infrastructure, General Motors made a strong commitment to its new family of six-speed automatic transmissions. The new investment follows the more than $450 ...

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    Toyota recalls new Camry for transmission issue

    Toyota is recalling one half of one percent of the new 2007 Camry sedans it started building this year for a problem with their six-speed automatic transmissions. Affected vehicles may lose second and sixth gear while the vehicle is on the move within the first 500 miles of use, but the automaker ...


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