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    Confirmed: SiriusXM has turned back on lapsed subscribers' radios for two weeks

    If you own a vehicle with SiriusXM Satellite Radio capability and happen to have let your subscription lapse, we have good news for you. Sirius is allowing anyone with an expired subscription to listen to 60 of the service's channels free of charge from now until Sept. 11. What's more, all you ...

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    Official: Sirius and XM to consolidate channel lineups

    Starting on Wednesday, May 4, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM will finally be almost completely indistinguishable from one another. Since their merger, the two satellite radio providers have sported the same channels, just on differently-numbered stations. Starting Wednesday, though, the channel ...

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    Report: Sirius considering rate increase to $12.95/month

    Sirius XM radio, which is the resulting company after Sirius and XM merged in 2008, is considering raising its monthly fee. The starting price is currently $9.99 per month, which only nets you access to the music channels. Now, Sirius wants to bring the monthly rate up to $12.95. The FCC is ...

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    Will Ford's Sync kill Sirius XM?

    There are currently 19 million Sirius XM subscribers out there, and the vast majority of those cash-paying customers listen only in the car. Ford was among the earliest mass-market adopters of Sirius, as The Blue Oval made infotainment a big part of its vehicle strategy. But while Ford was an ...

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    J.D. Power releases sat-nav study findings, crowns Ford tops

    Not only does Ford rank number one on J.D. Power and Associate's 2009 navigation system survey, it ranks number two as well. The top ranking system, according to Power's study, is the one found in the Lincoln MKS, followed by a nearly identical system (if not 100% identical) in the Ford Flex. And ...

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    EXCLUSIVE: Sneak peek at Hyundai Genesis Coupe's next-gen nav system

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe navigation system prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Hyundai's sparkling Genesis Coupe debuted earlier this year, we heard from many of you who were excited about the rear-drive model's performance prospects. More than a few we spoke with, however, ...

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    Eyes on the Road: AT&T bringing CruiseCast in-car satellite tv to market

    AT&T is starting to work with pockets of customers to test its CruiseCast satellite-based entertainment service before officially putting the TV/radio service on wide offer. When the whole clan is on the go, it may work to keep everyone calm and quiet, and when your Prevost motor coach is ...

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    Satellite TV battles for remains of satellite radio, DirecTV owner wins stake in Sirius XM

    Due to the recent merger of former satellite radio competitors Sirius and XM, and despite a recent rate hike, the newly formed Sirius XM conglomerate has a huge pile of debt and no cash on hand to pay it off. Fear not, lovers of radio from the sky, Liberty Media, owner of DirecTV satellite ...

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    Lotec updating Sirius supercar?

    Click above for a gallery of the 2009 Lotec Sirius
    The Lotec Sirius has been around since the early 2000s after former Group C2 champion Kurt Lotterschmid vowed to create a supercar capable of taking on the best from Italy and beyond. The original car was motivated by a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter ...

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    Sirius and XM debut new lineups

    Sirius and XM have buried the hatchet and merged their content, to the likely displeasure of many. XM closes 15 stations while simultaneously adding 22 new selections to the lineup, and Sirius pretty much broke even, trading 11 stations for 10 new ones. As has always been the case, the sports fans ...

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    VIDEO: Ford demonstrates new nav system with Sirius Travel

    Click above to view videos after the jumpOne of the cool features that Ford is introducing for the 2009 model year is its updated navigation system with Sirius Travel Link. When we went out to drive the updated 2009 Ford Escape this week, Ford's chief technology spokes-model Alan Hall gave us a ...

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    Will we see (or hear) an XM/Sirius merger decision by months end?

    It seems like forever ago when rumors started about a merger between Sirius and XM satellite radio. The rumors were made slightly more official when the two companies announced the "merger of equals" last year. Where have we heard that before? Nobody expected this $4.2 billion transaction to be a ...

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    Satellite radio: Looking for a few good customers, anybody?

    Apparently, the idea of paying for radio chatter doesn't hold much appeal to customers who actually have to shell out hard earned cash. While many new cars today come equipped with stereos that are capable of receiving either XM or Sirius, fewer people than ever are buying standalone receivers. In ...

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    Aston Martin offering Sirius Radio with lifetime subscription

    Beginning this August, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and DB9 buyers will start getting Sirius - as in Sirius Satellite Radio. It will be available as a factory installed option, and better yet - drumroll please - it will come with a lifetime subscription to the service. That would normally run you about ...

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    A la carte ordering coming to XM/Sirius

    I've always chosen an iPod over ordering either of the two satellite radio providers, XM and Sirius, for one simple reason: I can listen to only what I want. With satellite radio, you pay a monthly fee, around $13/month, and get a bunch of channels, most of which I've found I'll pass right by on ...

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    Only the beginning: hard drives in cars

    There's already been a silent technology explosion in automobiles over the last ten years. Command and control has become largely a computerized affair. With high and low speed data buses throughout the automobile, your car is basically a network. It used to be that you'd press the power window ...

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    Town & Country, Jimmy Neutron edition

    It's better than Lee Iacocca saying something like "fo shizzle." Chrysler has joined up with Nickelodeon to shill their newly revamped minivans. With the addition of Sirius TV to beam content off the birds and into the backseat, it makes perfect sense for the two to team up. I'd rather interact ...

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    Local Texan takes MX-5 Cup season opener in Houston

    To some observers, the opening round of the SCCA Pro Racing Sirius Mazda MX-5 cup may have looked like a walk in the park for Jason Saini, but it was anything but. After storming to the lead in the first lap, Saini kept a variety of second place contenders at bay, but the track setup for the ...

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    Audi, Mitsubishi making Sirius standard on some models

    Radio is on a roll. While BMW and Jaguar have allied themselves with HD Radio and Infiniti's gotten in bed with XM Satellite Radio, Audi and and Mitsubishi have taken sides with SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Audi will offer SIRIUS as standard equipment on the S4, RS 4, A6, A8, R8, and specific Q7 ...

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    Lincoln to offer Sirius satellite radio as standard equipment

    Ford announced today that all 2008 Lincoln models (MKZ, MKX, Navigator, Navigator L and Mark LT) will come factory-equipped with Sirius satellite radio and six-month prepaid subscriptions. Whether it's Stern, Soundgarden, or Stevie Wonder, Ford's luxo-brand customers will be guaranteed the ability ...


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