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    Video: BMW turns Singapore buildings into amazing 3D Joy

    BMW takes Singapore – Click above to watch video after the jump
    BMW advertising gurus have a big job ahead of them when it comes to supplementing their longstanding "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan with the company's new "Joy" campaign. Bimmer fanboys had lived and died by the company's ...

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    REPORT: Massa charges that Alonso knew about Piquet crash plan

    From his brief tenure at McLaren, we know that Fernando Alonso has a bit of trouble getting along with his teammates. Especially when he doesn't get the clear preferential treatment as the team's #1 driver. After all, as has often been said, a driver's teammate is his chief rival. So after ...

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    Race Results: F1 action lights up at the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix

    2009 Singapore Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As the Formula One circus headed toward its only night race of the season in Singapore, several compelling storylines were developing. The championship-leading Brawn GP team seemed to be righting themselves from their ...

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    Carb Control: Asian chefs create unreal life-size F1 car from bread

    Asia's Largest race car made from bread - Click above for high-res image gallery
    digg_url = ''; We know what you're thinking, and we agree – if there's one thing that we just can't seem to accept in modern ...

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    Singapore gets special Volkswagen GTI V50

    Click above for a gallery of the Volkswagen Golf GTI V50
    Singapore has been singled out to receive a hotted up version of their Mark V Volkswagen GTI dubbed GTI V50. This gift to the island nation gets upgrades from APR including a Stage 1 ECU tune that adds 36 more horsepower and an additional 74 ...

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    Opening Night Jitters at Singapore GP [SPOILER ALERT]

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Singapore GP
    Opening night can be the worst time to see a new production. But it can also be the most painfully entertaining, watching all the actors trip over their toes and forget their lines with the pressure to perform bearing down and the bright ...

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    VIDEO: Singapore GP Preview

    Click above image to watch the video
    This weekend Singapore will host Formula 1's first night race, and SPEED TV has created a computerized lap of the course narrated by Mark Webber taking you through the 24 corners. Perhaps the best part of this brand new track in a brand new host country at a ...

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    Singapore's F1 night race to use electronic flags

    Click either image for a gallery.When the Singapore F1 Grand Prix begins on September 28th, it will feature the first application of Digiflags, 35 large screens that can display the different flag colors, making it easier for racers to know what's going on while speeding down the track. The system ...

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    Night Light: Illuminating the Singapore GP night race

    Racing fans were excited at the announcement that Singapore would join the 2008 Formula One calendar as the series' first night race. But it's one thing to make the announcement, quite another to actually pull it off. Lighting up a road circuit in the middle of a bustling city is not like lighting ...

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    Singapore night race joins 2008 F1 Calendar

    Singapore is getting ready to host the first night race in Formula One history after the FIA approved the proposed calendar for next year's championship. Race promoters in Singapore got the clearance from the FIA to build the Monaco-style street circuit in May, and things are reportedly moving ...

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    Spy Shots: Jet-ified Camo Lambo spotted ... somewhere

    Click image for photo galleryNobody knows what this Lamborghini is, other than "really, really, hot." It's an LP640 with a fighter jet-style camo paint job, complete with rivets and warnings like an arrow reading "HEAT" that points to the exhaust. There's also a red star painted on the hood, which ...

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    Singapore gets first F1 race in 2008, and it's at night!

    Next year's Formula 1 calendar could contain an unprecedented 20 races. One of those races will be held for the first time on the island state of Singapore, and according to Bernie Ecclestone, it will be held at night. Both IRL and NASCAR have night races, so why not Formula 1? The reasons aren't ...

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    Singapore gearing up for a grand prix

    Singapore is reportedly getting serious about the prospect of being the next Asian city to host a grand prix, and they're talking as early as the 2008 season. Reports indicate that F1 head-honcho Bernie Ecclestone is in negotiations with not one, but two Singaporean groups about getting a Formula ...


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