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    Yes, Again: Nissan rumored to be reviving 240SX, bringing it to the U.S.

    Nissan Foria Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan's plans to revive the 240SX (Silvia in JDM parlance) has almost become a running joke, right up there with the fake moon landing and Tom Cruise's heterosexuality. But still, this old chestnut carries forth, with a new report ...

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    Japanese car mags run amok: Nissan Silvia revival to get Renault power

    Japan's Best Car supposedly has yet another scoop on the Nissan Silvia revival, and while the image gracing the mag's cover is little more than a photoshopped pipedream, the information presented within deserves note.According to one of the publication's editors, a source at Nissan has suggested ...

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    Another Cheap FR Sports Car? Nissan joins the fray

    Japan's top two auto makers have a long and sordid history of ripping off each other's successful designs. No sooner had the Nissan Cube become a run away success in its home market than Toyota came up with the similarly boxy bB (Scion xB). Many years earlier, after the Toyota HiLux Surf ...

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    Nissan seriously considering 200SX / 240SX / Silvia replacement

    Call it the Silvia or the 240SX or the 200SX (read up on the various names of the 200SX and where they were sold in the world here), but Nissan's now demised budget rear-wheel drive platform has been sorely missed in its homeland of Japan, in our own North America and elsewhere around the world. ...


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