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    Lamborghini Super Trofeo stars in one-make race series

    Click above for a gallery of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo racer
    Ferrari does it. Porsche does it. And now, Lamborghini is going to do it, too. "It" is a single-make race series, and Lambo's will showcase a competition-spec Gallardo LP560-4 dubbed the Super Trofeo. Each race will feature 30 of the ...

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    Win the lottery? Have Stig take you for a spin

    Lottery winners can often have subhuman tendencies, so it's only natural that you'd want to hang out with equally awful subset of humanity, racing drivers. The Stig is a perfect representation of those with abnormally high levels of octane in their blood, and his/its services around Silverstone ...

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    Storms sweep through the 2008 British Grand Prix

    SPOILER ALERT Click for a hi-res gallery from the 2008 British GPStorms swept through Silverstone this year for the British Grand Prix. First came the announcement of David Coulthard's retirement from Formula 1, which was followed by the announcement that, starting in 2010, the race would leave ...

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    Free tape measure, 'Ring tuition for European GT-R buyers

    Hundreds of European GT-R buyers, who have put down large down payments on cars that they won't see until next spring at the earliest, have received a small consolation gift from Nissan: a tape measure. The highly cool GT-R-embossed little box is to be used to measure their heads, so Nissan will ...

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    Richard Hammond crashes again in enduro race

    Our favorite rodent host of Top Gear, Richard "The Hamster" Hammond, was involved in an on-track collision last Saturday during an endurance race at Silverstone behind the wheel of a BMW 330 DTi Sport. Hammond, of course, was almost killed last September when he lost control of a jet-powered ...

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    Mansell and Herbert back in the F1 cockpit for BMW Sauber demo

    While its cars charge towards the head of the pack on the F1 racing circuit, BMW-Sauber has been positioning itself as the champion of demonstrations off-track. Following such shenanigans as driving on ice, and the return to the old Nurburgring Nordschleife, the team brought a couple of veterans ...

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    Grand Prix, Great Britain, Big Screen

    The UK is a pretty good place to be an F1 fan, as a number of F1 teams are headquartered in Great Britain. Four current F1 racing drivers are British, including the incredible Lewis Hamilton, with several more test drivers as well. Brits have their own race every year, no matter how poor the ...

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    Gunning for Guinness: Ferrari eyes record with parade at Silverstone

    This year is Ferrari's 60th anniversary, and Ferrari is doing Rossa-themed things all over the world to celebrate. In Britain, the Silverstone race track will play host to Ferrari Racing Days the weekend of June 8-10. Among the range of festivities will be Ferrari Great Britain's attempt to break ...

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    Mansell returns to race at Silverstone in a Ferrari

    After 17 years, Nigel Mansell is returning to the wheel of a Ferrari. The former world champion will be driving an F430 GT for Scuderia Ecosse in the second round of the 2007 FIA GT Championship, held at the same Silverstone track where Mansell scored three celebrated grand prix victories. The old ...

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    Prodrive's F1 plans, Aston Martin team not in the cards, yet

    Purchasing a multi-million dollar automaker is a good excuse for not being able to concentrate on other matters, but according to Prodrive's team boss, David Richards, the 2008 Prodrive F1 team is, "perfectly on target."Richards, who is currently in Bahrain after a business trip to Kuwait, took a ...

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    GT, phone home: Vertu releases last two Racetrack Legends phone

    Nokia has an upscale division that goes by the name Vertu, which happens to make some pretty nifty phones. They aren't for everybody -- not with pricetags that sound like the down payment on a Porsche -- but they will certainly appeal to those of us who are interested in automobilia. One line of ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Aston Martin DBS...or is that the DBRS9?

    Sure, photos of Aston Martin's newest model, the DBS, have already been released in film spec. Sure, it was already shown to a group of VIPs alongside the V8 Roadster. But Car magazine claims to have photos of the first one to be caught in public. The DBS is making its first official public premier ...

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    GT, phone home: Vertu releases two more race track phones

    Back in April we told you about Vertu's Racetrack Legends series of mobile phones. At that time only Monza and Silverstone were available. But now filthy rich fans of LeMans and Indianapolis can chat on phones more expensive than a 10-year-old Miata. Made by Nokia, the $6,000+ phone is made of ...

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    Grand Prix: some hope for Imola, less for London

    The San Marino Grand Prix at Imola may be off the F1 calendar for next year, but that doesn't mean it won't make a comeback. The race organizers are fighting to keep the race, but F1 head-honcho Bernie Ecclestone is adamant that the race won't be on the schedule for the next season. If they make ...

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    American Eddie Cheever wins wet, wild GP Masters U.K. event

    Nothing like rain, 650 hp and open-wheel racecars with no traction control to test a race driver, and that was exactly the combination delivered by Sunday's GP Masters of Great Britain event at Silverstone. In the end, Eddie Cheever prevailed, bringing home his first GP Masters victory, ahead of ...

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    Toyota Aygo averages 90 mpg in GreenFleet Fuel Challenge

    The Toyota Aygo, a diminutive hatchback that has charmed even the power junkies that host Top Gear, achieved 90.17 mpg during the first GreenFleet Fuel Challenge in the U.K. The competition pitted 20 vehicles in various categories against each other to demonstrate the potential environmental and ...


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