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    Video: Watch as hot-headed Aston Martin GT1 racer retaliates against Nissan GT-R

    Contact during racing is typically accidental. Sometimes, however, you can't call a crash an accident when one of the drivers involved clearly looks like he's out to inflict a little pain. Just such a crackup occurred during a GT1 race at Silverstone this weekend when Aston Martin driver Stefan ...

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    Report: Porsche to relocate U.S. headquarters to ex-Ford facility, plans to build track

    The North American headquarters for Porsche has been in an Atlanta suburb for years, but a report by the Atlanta Journal Constitution suggests that's about to change. Unnamed sources claim that the German automaker is planning to announce that it will build a new headquarters on the site of the ...

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    Video: Autocar pits Porsche's Cayman R vs. Cayman S

    The Cayman S is considered by many to be the best-handling Porsche currently available. After all, the Cayman is 90 percent Boxster with just a teensy bit more power and a fixed roof. The all-new Cayman R, however, has still more power, is lowered by about an inch, loses about 100 pounds and ...

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    GT Academy 'Sweet 16' head to Silverstone

    Of the more than 52,000 contestants who originally entered into the United States version of GT Academy, jointly hosted by Nissan and Sony, just 16 have advanced to the final competition being held in Silverstone in the United Kingdom. The top 32 virtual racers from the four U.S. regions ...

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    Video: McLaren takes first MP4-12C GT3 out for Silverstone test

    McLaren has just unveiled the racing version of its all-new street-fighting MP4-12C. The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 has been out running England's Silverstone circuit with new test driver Álvaro Parente at the wheel. The race-version of McLaren's new coupe is nearly four inches wider than the ...

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    Jaguar E-Type turning 50, doesn't look a day over 25

    Jaguar E-Type turns 50 years old – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Jaguar's iconic E-type is celebrating a birthday this year and the shapely Brit is going to need 50 candles on its cake. Launched in 1961, the Jaguar E-Type was priced at £2,256, or about $3,612 USD based on ...

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    Video: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton hit the road to Silverstone in a VW Bus

    Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton doing the Magic Bus thing to Silverstone – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Now that the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team has two World Championship Winning drivers who don't hiss and break into hives when they hear each others' names, principal ...

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    2010 British Grand Prix: Favoritism stokes rivalry in "the Arena" [SPOILERS]

    2010 British Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A Formula One World Championship without a British Grand Prix would be almost unthinkable. After all, England claims the mantle of the series' birthplace, and its GP (along with Italy's) stands as the longest-running in motor ...

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    Video: Mark Webber and Red Bull F1 makes pit stop in... Parliament Square?

    Mark Webber goes for a pit stop in London – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The new Formula One rules have made it a pain for teams to get in any sort of practice these days. While that's an issue for drivers, it's just as much of a challenge for the guys working the pits. So we ...

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    MotoGP 2010: Momentum and surprises from Silverstone [Spoilers]

    We came away from the Italian GP round with the feeling that anything was possible. The season had settled into a blistering pace and drama had definitely begun to unfold. Departure from Mugello left many heads spinning as we saw defending champ Valentino Rossi leave on a stretcher following a ...

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    Silverstone unveils new Arena circuit: world's fastest F1 track?

    New Silverstone Arena circuit layout – Click above for high-resolution image
    Britain's most famous race track has just launched the most significant series of new revisions aimed to bring the facility up to speed, and it's already drawing its share of mixed opinions. The new track layout, ...

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    FIA GT1: Nissan GT-R captures first win at Silverstone

    2010 FIA GT1 World Championship - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Nissan GT-R claimed its first victory of the FIA GT1 World Championship, although not in the most likely of fashion. A pair of Aston Martins finished 1-2 in Saturday's qualifying race and it looked to be a repeat for ...

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    Paint It White: Aston Martin One-77 in blanc is outstanding

    Truth be told, it never occurred to us to imagine the Aston Martin One-77 in white – we're still digesting the deep black beast we'd recently come to know. Aston Martin has more time to play with the coupe than we do, and they decided to drape it in white for a supercar convoy celebrating ...

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    Silverstone secures the British Grand Prix for the next 17 years

    BRDC President Damon Hill and Silvestone Managing Director Richard Phillips announce the new deal
    Following months of negotiations and uncertainty, the British Racing Drivers Club has signed a deal with the FIA and Formula One Management to keep the British Grand Prix at Silverstone for the next ...

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    Family Style: Nigel Mansell and son to race in Le Mans Series for Ginetta

    Nigel Mansell's name is still a legend in motor racing. He remains the most successful driver in British racing history and one of only a handful of drivers to win both the Formula One title and the CART championship. It's been fourteen years since he last competed in a grand prix, but he'll soon ...

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    Bentleys Galore: Bentley Drivers Club 60th Anniversary Meeting

    Bentley Drivers Club 60th Anniversary Meeting - click image above for high-res gallery
    It's hard to argue against Bentley. From the marque's start as high speed play things for Europe's Jazz Age, monied neerdowell/rapscallion set to an impressive string of Le Mans victories at the hands of ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Holding Back the Reign at the 2009 British Grand Prix

    2009 British Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Did summertime showers put a damper on your Father's Day plans? That game of catch in the park or trip to the local Six Flags may not have worked out, but despite seemingly year-round rain in England, race fans at Silverstone ...

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    Officially Official: Mini Cooper JCW World Championship 50 details and photos released

    Mini Cooper JCW World Championship 50 – Click above for high-res gallery
    Although it actually debuted at the Mini United Festival at Silverstone late last month, the special edition Mini Cooper John Cooper Works World Championship 50 (good luck getting all of that script on the hatch lid, ...

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    It's a Small World After All: Official pictures from MINI United

    MINI United '09 at Silverstone - Click above for a gallery of high-res images
    To celebrate 50 years of all things small and wonderful, MINI held a little party at one of England's most iconic racetracks, Silverstone. The event was equal parts racing, music festival and fashion show, highlighted by ...

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    MINI says "Nevermind the VW Beetle, Here's the Beatles!" with new Harrison art car

    George Harrison's Mini Coopers - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Yesterday, we told you about a one-off Ferrari 430 being auctioned off for Abruzzo earthquake relief, and today we have another special European car that is set to hit the block for a good cause. BMW has just unveiled a special ...


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