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    Official: Ford powers up Silicon Valley Lab

    Ford has officially opened the doors on the company's new facility in California. The Silicon Valley Lab in Palo Alto will serve as a hub for technology innovation where the manufacturer's engineers and designers can focus on independent projects designed to make vehicles safer and more ...

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    Official: Ford to open new Silicon Valley research lab

    Ford has announced that it will set up a new research facility in Palo Alto, California. While the manufacturer has similar labs in locations from Germany to China and Israel, the new location will be the first on the West Coast. Specifically, engineers and designers will focus on independent ...

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    Wi-Drive: Luxury commuter buses popping up in California

    Lots of things about commuting are aggravating. High on that list is the productivity that gets smothered while you're snarled in traffic. You can only bang along on the steering wheel to Clyde Stubblefield for so long before you start getting antsy to convert the stop-and-go into some forward ...

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    Lamborghini Reventon up for sale in Silicon Valley

    Click above to view more of the Lamborghini Reventon up for sale
    Even with a limited run of 20, a seven-figure price tag and ten making to the United States, you can bet there were more people who wanted to get their hands on a Lamborghini Reventon than there were examples on the market. However, ...


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