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    SEMA: Local Motors updates 2012 Rally Fighter, launches The Forge

    Local Motors and its team of online community members are hard at work refining the Rally Fighter for 2012, and the list of changes for the new model year have officially been announced here at SEMA. Probably the biggest piece of news is the replacement of the older three-link (with Watt's link) ...

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    Chrysler split over which CAD software to use

    Anyone that's ever tried to get divergent computer systems to play nice knows that it's not a trivial matter. And when two automakers come together, getting everyone on the same page is both enormously difficult and critically important if the enterprise is to succeed. Chrysler is all too ...

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    Green County Choppers? OCC creates custom electric chopper

    Click above to watch the video after the break
    Following Orange County Choppers' frequent use of alt-fuels (see E85 bike and natural gas bike) comes something a wee bit different from what we're used to seeing from the New York-based custom motorcycle crew: a fully electric chopper. Commissioned ...

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    Microsoft and Siemens partner for in-car entertainment system

    Siemens and Microsoft have announced a joint partnership to develop the next generation of in-car entertainment and sat-nav products, which, much like the Ford/Microsoft Sync system, will allow users to connect everything from mobile phones to media players. Recognizing that standalone audio ...

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    Siemens VDO system hears crash, deploys airbag

    The safety-obsessed people over at Siemens VDO have developed a new system that, depending on the noise produced by a crash, will figure out the best way to deploy the airbags.The Crash Impact Sound Sensor (CISS) is quicker on the draw than other systems (up to 15 milliseconds), and depending on ...

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    eBraking cuts stopping distance 50%

    Could technology from an 18th century horse & buggy become the latest high-performance braking innovation? Back then, they used a wedge of wood to bring the wheel to a stop. Since then, we have been through several innovations in braking, with the latest being with multi-piston calipers, ...

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    Siemens VDO announces eCorner motor-in-hub concept

    As the use of electric motors in motor vehicles converges with other technologies such as drive-by-wire, stability control, and active suspension, eventually a major paradigm shift in automotive architecture may be required. In preparation for that moment, Siemens VDO is working on something that ...

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    Despite visit from Heidi Klum, Audi DTM team loses at EuroSpeedway

    Could supermodel Heidi Klum be a closet gearhead? Despite parting ways with Renault F1 bigwig Flavio Briatore, the camera-friendly celebrity appears to still have a thing for motorsports, having reportedly 'coptered in to chat with the Audi DTM crew at the EuroSpeedway over the weekend. Klum talked ...


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