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    Report: Pope puts smackdown on Fiat, backs striking Italian plant workers

    We're not entirely sure what keeping Fiat jobs in Italy has to do with the Catholic Church – other than the fact that the Pope was given a Ducato van from the automaker last year – but we guess that's not really any of our business, right? Whatever the case, Pope Benedict XVI has ...

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    First Drive: 2009 Porsche Boxster S with PDK

    2009 Porsche Boxster S with PDK – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Italian countryside passes by in a blur. At an indicated 265 km/h (164 mph), we have hit the invisible wall. The accelerator pedal has been jammed into the carpet for the last ten seconds, yet the sleek Porsche ...

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    First Drive: 2009 Ferrari California in Sicily

    Ferrari California – Click above for high-res image gallery The best Ferrari is the next Ferrari. Whether you consider that to be a statement of fact or an opinion largely depends on how you define the term. It's an opinion like a Supreme Court justice's ruling is called an "opinion". Or ...


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