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    Video: Watch a parade of five Lamborghinis make their way through a shopping mall

    It's easy to forget that high-performance cars are not limited in size to something like a Lotus Elise or Mazda MX-5. They can get big. Take Lamborghini, for example. It might focus on combining low curb weights and high-output engines, but an Aventador very nearly occupies the same amount of ...

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    Video: Top Gear Poland takes women to mall for night of shopping

    Of the many criticisms leveled at the U.S. interpretation of Top Gear, perhaps the most stinging is that the show relies on re-baked ideas lifted wholesale from the grand-pappy of all motoring shows, Top Gear UK. That may be true, but it's also a trick that the producers of the show's various ...

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    Toyota opens new shopping mall in Japan

    Kids in the U.S. want computers in their cars, but kids in Japan want computers instead of cars. Add that craziness to Japan's dwindling population and popular mass-transit options and you'll understand why the Japanese car market dropped to just 5.3 million vehicles, a 27-year low. Toyota, Japan's ...

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    BMW dealership opens inside Kansas mall

    We’ve all seen cars displayed in malls. Well, Baron BMW of Merriam has taken what it considered as the “next logical step," opening up a BMW showroom in the Oak Park Mall in the city of Overland Park, Kansas (pictured is the Merriam dealership).Like a conventional dealership, ...


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