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    Featured: Project Ugly Horse: Part IV

    Bits and Pieces The asphyxiation-blue plastic of my dash looked like it would snap under a crass tone. The line between cleverness and idiocy is a blurry one. After reading a number of write-ups on the best way to swap pedal boxes in a Fox Body Ford Mustang, I decided to eschew common ...

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    WHOA! Gear-shift coat rack coolest coat rack ever

    The greatest inventions in human history have often been the simplest. Like the wheel. The greatest inventions also have a way of being beyond language -- you can understand them in Uruguay or Urdu. It might not be the greatest invention ever, but the shift knob hanger rack is terribly simple and ...

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    VIDEO: Davidkart vs. Goliath GTR

    What's faster, a kart or a Viper? That's the question Nurburgring wunderfrau Sabine Schmidt asked and answered in this ten-minute segment on her German television show DMAX. (You remember Sabine... she's the girl who dragged Clarkson's sorry old ass around the 'Ring in a diesel Jag.) To make the ...


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