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12Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2014: Students find upsides pretty much everywhere

Over 100 teams converge on Houston for last time ever

The skies threatened rain, but aside from a few fat drops struggling down through the Texas air, the track remained dry through the end of the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon Americas. Given the haphazard way some of the vehicle bodies were held together – a bit of velcro or pieces of tape doing the job door hinges do on normal cars – this was a very good thing. The dry roads also meant that all of the teams were competing on an even footing, in this one aspect at least. After all, the 100-p

1Shell Eco-marathon rises to the challenge, students get 2,564.8 mpg [w/video]

Team from Université Laval in Quebec, Canada captured Internal Combustion First Prize

32011 Shell Eco-marathon Americas includes additional category; plug-in electric vehicles

The 2011 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, a competition that challenges high school and college students to design vehicles that travel using the least amount of energy, has expanded to include a new plug-in electric vehicle category. At next year's event, the fifth of its kind, plug-ins can enter the competition alongside hydrogen fuel cell and solar vehicles in the event's Electric-Mobility energy division. Entrants in the plug-in class are limited to fully electric vehicles that use lithium-ion b

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