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shelby series 1

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    Exclusive: Shelby considering new halo sports car, Focus and Fusion models for the future

    If Ford actually comes to market with a new GT, then we'll be right there with them. With the debut of its audacious 1000 horsepower GT500 at the New York Auto Show earlier this month, you might be wondering what direction Shelby will be headed in the future. After all, they can't just keep ...

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    Handful of new Shelby Series II roadsters still available for purchase

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Shelby Series II
    Back in the mid 1990s, Carroll Shelby set out to do something he had never done: build a complete car from scratch. The Series 1 seemed to have the right formula on paper – lightweight aluminum honeycomb chassis, carbon fiber body, ...

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    Shelby takes second swing with Series 2

    Remember the Shelby Series 1? It was a modern day Cobra that spewed the venom of a 400-horsepower 4.0L V8 and was wrapped in carbon-fiber skin with a aluminum honeycomb skeleton. A Series 2 model is set to debut at the 2006 Concorso Italiano in mid-August that will cost $220,000. Though the has not ...


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