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shelby gt500 kr

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    Review: KITT Shelby GT500 KR

    KITT Shelby GT500 KR – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At age 8, I had a bed time that ranged from 8:30-9:00 PM. That time went unmodified for years, until my dad decided that I could stay up once a week to watch a new show called Knight Rider. It featured my favorite new car at the ...

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    First 2009 GT500KRs roll out of Shelby Automotive

    Click on the image for more live shots of the 2009 GT500KRWe got a chance to visit Shelby Automotive out in Las Vegas a week or so ago to witness the first 2009 GT500KR going through final assembly. Although the KR was originally intended to be an '08-only model release, demand for the new King of ...

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    Pontiac G8 GXP Coupe being considered?

    Coupes seem to be somewhat resurgent lately, and the stupendously awesome Pontiac G8 GXP might be set to lose a pair of doors. While that would make it essentially a repeat of what came here as a revived GTO not too long ago, the name is not likely to return. The basic idea has been outlined in the ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: First 2008 Shelby GT500 KR sells for $550,000

    Click the image above for a high resolution gallery [We originally listed a final selling price of $605,000, accounting the 10% auction fees. Since this auction was for charity, there were no additional fees and the final selling price is actually $550,000] var digg_url = ...


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