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shelby cobra 427

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    Report: Puritalia teases Shelby-inspired 427

    It looks as if the world is about to get a little bit sexier. An Italian company by the name of Puritalia is out to offer a new take on the Shelby Cobra 427. Like the original, the new machine will offer seating for two, boatloads of horsepower and not much else. Expect to find the same 427 ...

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    Video: Ford marketing VP Farley pushes real Shelby Cobra around Laguna Seca

    The 2012 Monterey Motorsports Reunion will certainly be a loud one. The featured marque will be the Shelby Cobra, which will celebrate 50 years of exciting existence. Ahead of next year's festivities, one man decided to get a taste of on-track action a bit early. That man is Jim Farley, and if ...

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    1964 Shelby Cobra 427 prototype to be auctioned by RM in January

    1964 Shelby Cobra 427 Prototype - Click above for high-res image gallery
    January is just a short few weeks away, and along with the Detroit Auto Show, that means classic car auctions to us automotive types. The televised circus of Barrett-Jackson and the more reserved auction houses of Russo and ...

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    Woodward 2009: A corral of Cobras and not a real one in sight

    Kirkham FIA 289 Cobra replica - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Someday, many decades from now, after all historical records of the late 20th and early 21st centuries have been extinguished by the great internet crash of 2012, someone will be trying to figure out what happened. As ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Rare Shelby Cobra Sold at $850,000

    Click on the image for gallery of high-res images of the CobraThis white 1966 Cobra went straight from the AC Cars factory to Ford Advanced Vehicles. This car and one other 427 Cobra were used by Ford as promotional vehicles on the track and for show. After Ford was done with this one it went to a ...


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