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1General Motors, SAIC to jointly develop small engine and dual clutch transmission

General Motors has reached an agreement with one of its primary Chinese partners, Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp. (SAIC), on the joint development of powertrains for small vehicles.

30General Motors and SAIC to jointly develop small engine and dual clutch transmission

General Motors has reached an agreement with one of its primary Chinese partners, Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp. (SAIC), on the joint development of powertrains for small vehicles.

37GM launches new low-cost brand in China and it's a 'treasured horse'

While the German automakers – and Buick – mop up outrageous demand for their wares in China's major metropolitan and coastal cities, General Motors wants to be the nameplate of choice in the secondary cities and the interior. And now in conjunction with its joint-venture partners SAIC and Wuling, it has launched another nameplate: Baojun. Meaning "treasured horse," Baojun is the low-cost brand that will sell passenger cars built in China for priced in the area of $7,000.

9SAIC opens design center at MG's Longbridge site

MG Zero Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

26SAIC wants you to help rename streets at Longbridge

Pictured above is one tiny corner of the formerly mammoth Longbridge factory complex that last made MGs. Now owned by SAIC, the site is meant to be undergo extensive repurposing. To help keep it British – and perhaps pick up a little more interest in MG – SAIC has called for help in naming five access roads that will grace the new site.

18Rumormill: Chinese-owned MG planning TF roadster successor

Although it probably plummeted off your radar around the time "My Humps" and "Don' Cha" were topping the charts, the MG TF remains in production. Well, kind of – the factory was idled last year, but it will restart in April. After this year, however, the owners of MG, China's SAIC, have called full-time on the mid-engined convertible. As an encore, MG is considering building a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive convertible that has the cojones to say "I'm looking at you, punk" to the Mazda MX

59REPORT: Chinese automaker SAIC accused of hybrid tech theft by SsangYong

In the beginning of the decade, before SsangYong got into really deep doo-doo, the Korean automaker began work on a hybrid control unit (HCU) with German engineering firm FEV. From 2004 to 2008, as the research continued, the South Korean government provided nearly half of the financial resources for the development of the technology. In 2005, as Ssangyong's stumbles began, Chinese automaker SAIC took a majority stake in the Korean company.

9SAIC to buy Opel Insignia platform for Roewe?

Chinese-spec Buick Regal - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddShanghai 2009: SAIC Shanghai EXPO Fuel Cell EV

SAIC Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle - Click above for a high-res image gallery

5Shanghai 2009: Roewe 750 Hybrid and EV

Roewe 750 Hybrid - Click above for a high-res image gallery

2SAIC to use GM fuel cell propulsion system in new experimental vehicle

click above for a high res gallery of the fuel cell Equinox

22SAIC to launch mild hybrid in 2010?

After investing a few hundred million dollars into alternative powertrain research, China's Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) says that it's finally ready to produce its first hybrid car. Nothing too fancy, just a mild hybrid with an electric motor that isn't capable of powering the vehicle without the assistance of the gas-powered engine. The battery pack, at least, is a suitably high-tech lithium ion unit that will be supplied by Johnson Controls, which has a joint venture with b

8Ssangyong enters receivership

Could it be too late for Ssangyong? Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC) appears to have given up on Ssangyong Motor Co., allowing the company to slip into receivership. SAIC holds a 51% stake in Ssangyong, but gave up management rights in a bid to avoid liquidation and allow Ssangyong some time to get back in the black. The Korean automaker's Chief Executive Zhang Hai Tao and President Choi Hyung-tak both stepped down after the filing.

8Ssangyong gets bailout from SAIC

It may not be the entire 320 billion won that its largest creditor was looking for, but Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp's recent announcement that it would prop Ssangyong up with an investment of 25.9 billion won ($19.89 million) should do the trick. SAIC says the money is to facilitate the development of new products, but we'd guess that paying the Korean automaker's employees for their services will probably take top priority. According to the unionized workers for Ssangyong, which is Kore

AddChina's biggest car manufacturer to debut fuel-cell vehicle at Shanghai show

The 2007 Shanghai Auto Show is set to get underway on the 20th of April and China's largest auto manufacturer, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC), will be on hand to debut a new fuel-cell vehicle. SAIC, which recently made headlines when it bought the Rover brand off BMW, said that the Shanghai-branded fuel-cell prototype will utilise fourth generation fuel-cell technology developed in-house to produce a peak power output of 60 kW / 80.5 hp that should propel the vehicle to a top speed of

19Spy Shots: Roewe 750E

Wow, that didn't take very long. We just reported on Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp's Roewe brand last night, and today we have new spy shots of this car in testing, via Motor Authority. Nobody can say the Chinese don't think big as SAIC is said to be considering exporting its Rover Roewe 25 and 75 to other markets, including the U.S. Apparently, the new Roewe is much larger than the Rover 75 it is based on, and engine options look to be a choice of 1.8-liter and 2.5-liter Rovers, with the 1.

5BMW/Shanghai Automotive talks still in progress for Rover name

The UK's Financial Times is reporting that BMW has agreed to sell the Rover name to an eager Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC), new owner of the design rights to many of the vehicles owned by MG Rover before the company dissolved due to huge debts. FT reports that the German luxury automaker will complete a deal wtih SAIC in September in which BMW will hand over the rights to the Rover name for about $1.9 million, citing sources close to the deal. BMW, however, responded to the report to

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