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shanghai auto show

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    Shanghai 2009: Porsche Panamera finally gets its public unveiling

    2010 Porsche Panamera unveiing - click above for more high-res images
    Underscoring the increasing importance of the Chinese market to automakers around the world, Porsche has unveiled its newest model at the Shanghai Motor Show. We've seen official images of the Panamera for at least six months ...

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    Great Wall Shocker: Spy shots reveal a unique-looking concept

    Great Wall Hover H7 - Click above for an image gallery
    As expected, Chinese automaker Great Wall is using the Shanghai Motor Show to introduce the world to its latest CUV concept, the Hover H7. For years, we've been asking Chinese automakers for unique designs. Today, we take it all back. This is ...

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    China's Great Wall readying high-riding four-door coupe?

    Great Wall CHC011 - Click above for a gallery of images
    The tagline for Great Wall Motor Corporation of China is "Driving your colorful life!" Well, the makers of the Sailor, Safe, Sing, Socool, Deer, and Florid vehicles has another one in the pipeline, but this one is not so pithily named: the ...

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    Shanghai Surprise: Roewe to unveil N1 sedan concept?

    Roewe N1 concept - Click for an image gallery
    Back in 2004, Chinese firm Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) purchased the rights to assemble the Rover 25 and 75 from British automaker MG. Since then, SAIC has been content to offer a few vehicles that closely resemble the old Rover ...

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    Project M is not a Nissan GT-R, new episodes tell more of the tale

    Project M - Click above for a high-res image
    Early last month, the first webisode of Inside Project M surfaced, showing a cloaked, bespoke supercar designed by Jason Castriota, the man behind the Maserati GranTurismo, Rolls-Royce Hyperion and James Glickenhaus' Ferrari P4/5. Over the ensuing ...

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    Shanghai Preview: Geely Tiger GT concept back with full interior and butterfly doors!

    Geely GT concept - Click above for a gallery
    Last year, among 20 other Geely concepts, it was the Geely GT that stole the Beijing Auto Show. An original Chinese-designed coupe, it was over-the-top everywhere, but in a way that some felt came together very nicely. This year, it could be the Geely ...

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    Another new (old) Passat: Shanghai VW Lingyu

    Click above for a gallery of the Chinese market VW Lingyu
    China's already got Volkswagen's Passat in R36 guise, as well as a locally-made, Passat-derived model called the Magotan. Now it's going to have another car based on the Passat called the Lingyu. Built on a revised, long-wheelbase version ...

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    VIDEO: Episode One of Inside Project M - The journey, and speculation, begins

    Click above to view the first episode of Inside Project M after the jump
    If you're not familiar with Jason Castriota, you've undoubtedly seen his creations. The New York native worked under Ken Okuyama at Pininfarina for eight years, during which he had a hand in designing such masterworks as the ...

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    Porsche Panamera to officially debut at Shanghai show in April

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Porsche Panamera
    Underscoring the continued importance that automakers are placing on the Chinese market (especially in this difficult economic environment), Porsche has made it official that the new Panamera will debut in the Middle Kingdom in ...

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    Chery to launch S16 "mini sedan"

    The Chery S16 is called a sedan even though it only has two doors, a hatchback, what appears to be zero rear headroom, and is about 22 inches shorter than a Chevy Aveo. From the front, the styling conjures words like "bizarre" and "Picasso" and "flounder," but -- and perhaps it is the hour -- we ...

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    BMW's 2009 unveiling schedule?

    BMW Blog has trained its spyglass on what it says is a list of BMW rollouts for 2009, and it will begin next month with the brand spankin' new Z4 showcased at the Detroit Auto Show. It is March, though, that will bring year's first real bounty. At Geneva, BMW will be showing off a concept version ...

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    Porsche delays Panamera introduction

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Porsche Panamera As far as digital images go, there isn't much left to see of the new Porsche Panamera. Still, there's something special about seeing a new car in person, and the first chance the public will get to see the latest Swabian hatchback ...

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    Not all Chinese designs SOAR

    While some Chinese companies have begun to figure out what we Westerners like, others still speak a different design language.Winding Road stumbled across this oddity from Chinese automaker SOAR while attending the recent Shanghai Auto Show. The car was on display in the parking lot. however, ...

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    Shanghai Motor Show: Girls of Shanghai Gallery

    click above image to view more model pics from the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show var digg_url = ''; Whether it's the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, or the Shanghai Motor ...

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    Shanghai Auto Show: LIVE shots of Chery A6CC Concept

    click above image to view more images of the Chery A6CC ConceptIn addition to the Shooting Sport Concept, Chinese auto manufacturer Chery also had the A6CC Concept on display at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show. The A6CC appears even more production ready than the Shooting Sport, except for those faux ...

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    Shanghai Auto Show: LIVE shots of the Chery Shooting Sport

    click above image to view more high-res images of the Chery Shooting SportOur colleagues at Autoblog Chinese have just provided us with our first live look of the Chery Shooting Sport concept, which is one of more than a few cars at the Shanghai Auto Show this year that proves Chinese design is ...

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    Even more details on the BMW Concept CS, including VIDEO and official PR

    BMW just dropped the full press kit on its stunning CS Concept unveiled yesterday in Shanghai. In case we didn't see it before, these diagrams clearly show similarities to class competitors, including the Quattroporte, Rapide and Panamera, with an overall BMW 7-Series flavor. They're even using the ...

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    Shanghai Auto Show: Geely Mybo II concept

    click above image to view more pics of the Geely Meirenbao II in our galleryWe showed you spy shots of this car earlier in the week, but our man on the floor in Shanghai met up with the Geely Meirenbao II on the show floor today. Apparently the Meirenbao on display today is the second generation of ...

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    Even more pics of the BMW Concept CS

    UPDATE: Check out live shots of the BMW Concept CS here. click above image to view our BMW Concept CS gallery and click here for live shotsLove it or hate it (and based on your comments, lovers seem to have a slight edge), the new BMW CS Concept has drawn a lot of attention. So when additional ...

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    Audi gives backseat passengers more entertainment in Shanghai

    Although the supersized Audi A6L has offered buyers more backseat legroom and luxury compared to the standard A6, there seemed to be something missing. Extra room is nice, but what's a young executive to do back there? These lengthened sedans are becoming very popular in China, and with the new ...


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