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    Report: Acura may go all AWD in bid to mimic Subaru's success

    Acura's struggles have been well publicized. The Honda-owned luxury brand doesn't seem sure of where it's going or what it's trying to accomplish, with its cars and marketing lacking a coherent theme. Now, a new report from Automotive News claims that the brand could follow the success of Subaru ...

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    Spy Shots: 2014 Acura MDX goes for a camouflaged cruise

    While the often misunderstood (and infrequently purchased) Acura ZDX may be going the way of the dinosaur, the company's far more conventional and successful MDX SUV is evolving. In fact, the 2014 MDX seems to be coming along rather nicely, if this latest set of spy images is any indication. In ...

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    Rumormill: Cheaper baby NSX back under consideration at Acura

    Back in the salad days before the financial upheaval of 2008, Honda's Acura division was reportedly planning to build not one, but two new NSX models. The first was/is the on again off again heir to the NSX throne (then a V10 rear-drive supercar, now the much ballyhooed hybrid all-wheel-drive ...

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    New York: Acura RLX Concept looks to kickstart Honda's premium brand from the top [w/video]

    There is no sugar-coating the fact that the Acura RL has been a dud since Day One. Honda's luxury brand is painfully aware of this fact, especially since next to nobody purchased the pricey sedan. Then again, the RL has suffered the indignity of being outgunned by a lower-priced model from within ...

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    Quick Spin: We try Honda's cutting-edge electric SH-AWD system

    How Honda Is Working To Get Its Groove Back For decades, Honda successfully cultivated a hard-earned reputation for technological innovation and thoughtful engineering, but the Japanese automaker has seemingly grown content to let other automakers lead the way with new technologies in recent ...

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    Review: 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD

    Acura's Best Is Still Tough To Beat Acura has been a bit of an enigma of late. Honda's premium marque has endured its share of struggles, with new entries like the ZDX and more established models like the RL falling short of buyers' expectations. Even the mighty TL, which has been Acura's ...

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    Review: 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD 6MT is a mouthful, not a handful

    2010 Acura TL SH-AWD 6MT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    When the redesigned Acura TL debuted in late 2008, it represented a substantial transformation over previous iterations. The third-generation model retained the transverse V6 of its two predecessors, but for the first time included ...

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    Honda announces 6-speed manual for 2010 Acura TL

    Click on the above image for our high res 2009 Acura TL gallery
    Acura is again tossing enthusiasts a bone with a new six-speed manual transmission option for their 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD model. While the 2009 model is only available with a five-speed automatic with paddle shifters, next year will ...

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    Autoblog First Drive: 2009 Acura TL [w/VIDEO]

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Acura TL
    Beginning in February at the Chicago Auto Show, Acura began rolling out redesigned versions of its three sedans in the span of six months. Beginning with the RL in Chicago, Acura has rolled out its new design ethos intended to make these cars ...

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    2009 Acura TL fully revealed

    Click above for more photos of the 2009 Acura TLThe floodgates will open on the '09 Acura TL soon enough, but in the meantime, Inside Line has posted a set of press photos and confirmed the car's final specs. As has been previously reported, there are two versions: a base 3.5L front-drive car with ...

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    LA 2007: Acura's Super Handling All-Wheel Drive on display

    Click the above picture for high-res image.All-wheel-drive systems are becoming an increasingly popular feature for large sedans. They allow for more exciting driving dynamics than pure front-wheel-drive, but also provide for increased fair weather traction over pure rear-wheel-drive. Acura ...

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    Acura shows off 2008 lineup with Super Handling-AWD

    Click the Acura family photo for a high res galleryAfter revamping its crossover lineup for the 2007 model year, Acura will have a very incremental 2008 model year. There are no new or redesigned models, but more equipment is being added across its entire lineup. The main emphasis this year is what ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Acura concept stops the show but not the imagination

    click above image to view high-resolution gallery with 39 live and official imagesThe Acura NSX was the first vehicle I ever drove in which I felt I could never make a mistake. With predictable mid-engine balance and a refined V6 power curve, it could be driven through the turns with a deft touch; ...


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