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    Video: Is TrueCar's new female car shopper ad sexist? [w/poll]

    TrueCar is getting bashed in both traditional and social media venues over a 30-second ad that's gone viral due to what some perceive as sexist overtones. The ad features a number of women talking about using TrueCar for their latest vehicular purchase, and how the website takes the "anxiety" out ...

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    Video: Is this the most sexist ad of all time?

    When there's a woman at the wheel... Say what you will about political correctness, women's rights, stereotypes and preconceived ideas. None of that matters. What's really important are the tires you choose to mount on your car. Not that Goodyear was the only company so long ago capitalizing on ...

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    REPORT: Jeremy Clarkson against female Top Gear host, calls audience members 'oafs'

    Top Gear chief oaf (read: presenter) Jeremy Clarkson is no stranger to controversy when he speaks. In fact, he rather seems to thrive on it, which undoubtedly is a big part of the appeal of the show. Earlier this week, he spouted off again apparently in an attempt to irritate (or bemuse) women ...

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    Spanish road signs to undergo sexism sensitivity training

    Reuters is reporting that a Spanish town council known for its socialist leanings and support of feminist causes has voted to banish sexism from street signs. With all of the signs and crosswalk signals currently showing male figures, they felt it was high time to make some changes. Half of all ...


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