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sex scandal

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    Bernie Ecclestone wishes you a Merry Christmas... at Max Mosley's expense

    Formula One impresario Bernie Ecclestone's Christmas tradition is to send a mischievous card to friends. The past few years he probably hasn't had to work too hard to come up with something -- in fact, it's probably taken more time to figure out which particular F1 shenanigan he wanted to portray. ...

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    You've been warned: Max Mosley knew what was coming

    According to the latest reports, FIA president Max Mosley received ample warning that there were those out to expose and discredit him, but Mosley did nothing to alter his bizarre sexual activities in light of the development. The news stems from a Times interview with industrial espionage ...

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    Former VW Personnel Chief Admits to Bribing Union Officials

    Back in the summer of 2005 the headlines of international magazines and newspapers were peppered with a scandal that included bribery, sex, and corruption. No, Dallas wasn't making a comeback, it was automotive giant VW and the scandal involved 2.5 million dollars in payoffs to VW Works' Council ...


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