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sentra recall

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    Recalls: Nissan recalling 2010-2011 Sentra over stall fears

    In another incidence of little things meaning a lot, Nissan is recalling some 2010- and 2011-model-year Sentra models over the zinc coating on positive battery terminals. Certain Sentras with MR20 engines had too much zinc applied to the stud bolt, which can cause a drop in voltage severe enough ...

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    Nissan recalling 650,000 Altimas and Sentras

    NIssan has issued a recall for over 650,000 MY 2002 and 2005-06 Altimas and Sentras sold with the company's 2.5L four-cylinder engine, which may suddenly stop running. Automotive News reports that the problem lies with the crankshaft position sensor, which can overheat and stop sending signals to ...


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