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They were buggy from the start.

One step forward, one step back?


White hat hacker Tiffany Rad joins UPSHIFT 2016.


With the consumer good's industry getting increasingly competitive, Japan's well known consumer brands like Sony are putting a bigger emphasis on supplying parts to automakers for the chance of higher profit margins.


In an effort to prevent deadly accidents like the collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis in 2007, a project led by the University of Michigan is developing various sensing systems that will eventually lead to the development of "smart bridges." Most bridge monitoring today is done visually. Unfortunately, this type of human inspection is often unable to determine the structural health of a bridge with regards to the effects of corrosion, heavy loads, or vibrations on the structure over time.


Tyzx, Inc., an electronics firm specializing in developing affordable hardware, software, and integrated systems that view the world in all of its glorious three dimensions, will now be applying its 3-D technology to automotive safety.

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