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Of course, one benefit of autonomous racing is that there are no human drivers to harm.


The list of automakers that can test their self-driving cars in California is getting less and less exclusive by the minute.


New research recommends truly driverless, highly autonomous cars.


Expect something similar to Waymo's FCA venture.

These vehicles would be added to Waymo's test fleets.


The vehicles have been making dangerous turns through bike lanes.

This is in addition to reports of running red lights and failing to yield for pedestrians.


Uber doesn't think it needs a self-driving permit in San Francisco because its cars won't operate without a human operator seated at the wheel.


Is Uber practicing "self-driving" or just a some autonomy?

Uber and Volvo retrofit SUVs in San Francisco for "self-driving" tests, yet there will still be someone behind the wheel.


Robot cars are still coming, of course.

Will we even be allowed to drive in the future?


NVIDIA may not make autonomous cars, but it does make the computer chips that power them.


Uber swallows Geometric Intelligence to build up its AI prowess.


A letter to NHTSA shows its interest in testing autonomous car technology.

Apple sent a letter to NHTSA acknowledging that it is "excited" about automation in numerous fields, "including transportation."


Got a self-driving project in the works?


Ever wonder what it's like to be an autonomous car?

And what Level 5 autonomous capability means in the real world.

Tesla installs all the hardware necessary for Level 5 autonomous driving on all of its new cars. Here's what that means in the real world.


Learn all the ways self-driving cars will turn our world into a utopia.


German officials are asking Tesla to stop using the term "autopilot" in its advertising entirely.


Will Tesla be forced to rename its semi-autonomous technology?

California and Germany have some issues with Autopilot.


A human driver ran a red light and hit Google's autonomous Lexus.

Google cites this accident as example of "why we're developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer."


Finally, there's going to be some rules. Or at least strong suggestions.


The company's CEO also sees private car ownership ending in large cities by 2025.

Let the pink mustache take control.

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