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    Audi A0 concept monocycle definitely does not have Quattro [w/video]

    Audi has lifted the wraps on its latest design innovation, the A0, a sort of sit-down half-Segway stroller for grown ups. It may only have one wheel, but the runabout was engineered with a single, hollow tire to self-stabilize. Designed by a collaborative effort of Technische Universität ...

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    Video: Slow-motion Segway joust has nothing to do with cars, is awesome

    What would you do if you won the lottery? Surely you've thought about it. You know, the typical stuff: Tell your boss to take this job and shove it (since my bosses are reading this, I'm just kidding), buy a fancy house and a fancy car, a yacht... maybe a small island in the South Pacific. But ...

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    Alfa Romeo Giulietta G430 iMove Marangoni debuts in Bologna

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta G430 iMove Marangoni – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Think of Alfa Romeo and the color you'll likely be picturing is red. But a custom version of the Giulietta unveiled at the Bologna Motor Show has gone a decidedly greener route. Outfitted by Italian rubber ...

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    Millionaire Segway importer killed after rolling off cliff riding his own device

    According to the BBC, Jimi Heselden, the CEO of Hesco Bastion, was killed on Sunday, September 26 when he apparently rode his Segway off of a cliff and into a river. Hesco Bastion sells Segway self-balancing scooters in the UK market. According to the story, police were called after reports came ...

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    Video: DTV Shredder the treaded Segway we always wanted

    DTV Shredder – Click above to watch video after the jump
    There's always been a few problems with skateboards. They aren't motorized, don't have tank treads, don't effectively operate off road and they don't hover. A defense contractor by the name of BPG-Works has gone ahead and eliminated a ...

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    VIDEO: Motocrossing a Segway with James "Bubba" Stewart

    Segway Supercross with James "Bubba" Stewart - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Now, to answer what we're sure is a burning question on the minds of all of our readers... yes, it is possible to ride a Segway on a supercross track. Well, it's a burning question if you happen to be AMA ...

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    GM and Segway working on new balancing two-wheeler P.U.M.A. project

    GM/Segway Project P.U.M.A. - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Please hold a moment while we check our calendars. Nope, it's definitely not April 1. That must mean a General Motors tie-up with Segway must be true. The Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project (P.U.M.A. for short) will ...

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    Dean Kamen pondering giving up on Segway

    Is the Segway a failure? That's the question that inventor Dean Kamen is reportedly grappling with, as the so-called Human or Personal Transporter has failed to live up to the sales goals set for it when it was launched back in 2001 with a great deal of fanfare. In fact, it was so hyped when first ...

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    Toyota reveals 'Winglet' assistance robots, Segways beware [w/VIDEO]

    Click above for high-res gallery of Toyota's WingletsToyota's bid to completely take over the world with robots is getting ever closer to fruition. Its latest endeavor is intended to place mankind on moving platforms -- very Segway-esque. Coming in Small, Medium and Large sizes, Toyota's Winglet ...

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    Photo of the Day: Chinese anti-terror Segway commandos

    From Xinhua via our friends at China Car Times comes the above photo, showing Chinese counter-terrorism forces going through drills as they prepare to crush any dissent terror threat that might arise during next month's Olympic Games. The black ninja suits, fritz helmets, body armor, and submachine ...

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    Segway PT i2 Ferrari Limited Edition... this has got to stop

    We've covered all manner of Ferrari products that have little to nothing to do with the firm's actual road cars or even its championship-winning formula racing program. These include laptop computers, PDAs, stereo systems, cell phones... you name it. Those are just the electronics, and just a few ...

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    T3 motion cop trike ensures unsuccessful getaway for crooks on foot

    Visitors to the 2007 International Security Convention West show (ISC West) in Las Vegas had a chance to get up close and personal with the future of police patrol vehicles. On display was the new three-wheeled chariot from T3 Motion. Sort of a Segway with sirens, the T3 Series security model ...

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    Watch your toes: T3 three-wheeled police scooter

    Nothing says "to serve and protect" like a cop riding piggyback on R2-D2. T3 Motion has developed a three-wheeled competitor to the Segway, which it's currently marketing to law-enforcement agencies and those crazy cops from California were first in line. The T3 made its debut in Boston on ...

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    Every Segway ever sold recalled

    Imagine if Ford were forced to recall every vehicle it had ever sold all the way back to the Quadracycle of the 1890s. That's what Segway Inc. is facing with a recall announced that involves all 23,500 Segway Human Transporters that have been sold since March of 2002. The recall involves a software ...

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    Segway finds no green in New York Auto Show

    The founder of SegwayNYNY, Itsi Atkins, reviewed the New York Auto show and found it lacking in any advancements in alternative transportation. According to PR Wire, Atkins saw nothing that indicated the automakers had developed technologies to reduce oil use. Instead, he found the "...the war ...

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    Segway rolling around New York Auto Show

    If you're tired of walking and really don't want to risk a heart attack in one of the Big Apple's (in)famous taxi cabs--assuming you can hail one--Segway is offering an alternative. Segways, those two-wheel motorized vehicles, will be available for demonstration at the show. The linked article ...

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    Bombardier Embrio delivers new transportation possibilities

    Not since the Segway Human Transporter debuted amidst a fog of hype has a transportation solution come along that makes us rethink how we may get around in the future. The Bombardier Embrio makes the Segway look old school by relying on only one wheel while in motion, though a second smaller wheel ...


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