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sector 111

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    Official: US BAC Mono importer readying 1,800-pound sports car with 430-hp V8

    Another day, another lightweight, track-ready sports car manufacturer popping up and claiming to give us the world. Today, the companies in question are Palatov Motorsport and Sector 111, the latter of which is responsible for US-market BAC Monos. Their goal is to build an 1,800-pounds sports car ...

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    Video: Molecule By Molecule: Examining Sector 111's Ariel Atom

    We called the gloriously minimalist Ariel Atom "awesomeness that defies all classification." And that's just how we feel about the outside; Auto Shepherd stopped by Arizona distributor Sector 111 (which, incidentally, will also handle the outrageous BAC Mono) to pore over every detail under the ...


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