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    iMagicLab opening dealer megaplex in Second Life

    On March 1, 2008, Second Life will host the grand opening of the Automobile Dealer Relations Center (ARDC) called AutoLand. While that sounds like the kind of place where you'll have to run for your life from a cyborg Yul Brenner, it will actually be home to a multi-brand showroom in the virtual ...

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    More automakers leading a Second Life

    The virtual world Second Life is a virtual dream for marketers, with branding opportunities aplenty. As the online universe has grown, so too has the number of automobile manufacturers with a presence in the "game," for lack of a better term. KZERO is a consulting firm that helps companies study ...

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    Renault F1 team goes virtual, opens up shop in Second Life

    The Renault Formula One team has decided to go virtual by opening up a space in Second Life. They idea is to give people a behind the scenes look at the workings of a modern Formula One team, and includes a factory that replicates the actual team facility in England. When I first heard about Second ...

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    Redesigned Scion xB and new xD set to debut in Chicago

    Auto show season is in full tilt boogie and the latest news is that Scion intends to debut two new vehicles at the Chicago show next month.The first vehicle will be a redesign of the rolling toaster known as the xB, which may share some design cues with the t2b that debuted in New York in 2005. The ...

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    Buick admits to teasing us with Tiger vid

    I guess we can bill this as Update 2. We just showed you the video of Tiger Woods and the new Enclave and speculated that this "hidden cam" vid might be a fake. Not rocket science to figure that out, but until we had confirmation, we didn't want to call BS on GM. Well, they just called BS on ...

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    Scion promises fewer sales in 2007

    For the first 255 days of 2006, Scion sold more than 151,000 cars. Next year, the youth-oriented brand plans to sell even fewer. The Wall Street Journal reports that Toyota plans to limit its youth brand's sales to a year-long total of only 150,000 vehicles next year. Toyota hopes that by keeping ...

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    Man survives 7 Days in a Sentra

    No, this isn't an inspiring story about a man who survived being trapped in his Nissan Sentra for a week by eating forgotten french fries that fell beneath his front seat. Rather, it's part of Nissan's clever marketing campaign for the new Sentra, which goes a fair bit beyond the traditional TV and ...

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    Pontiac buying property in Second Life

    Pontiac is set to become the first major automaker to establish a presence in Second Life. Second Life, in case you aren't familiar, is that privately-owned, partly subscription-based 3-D virtual world, set up by Linden Lab, that allows residents to live a double digital life free from the ...


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