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    Report: Are car seats of the future self-adjusting?

    In 2010, automotive supplier Faurecia showed off a car seat that, via Bluetooth communication with a smartphone app, would adjust itself based on information the occupant had entered. It looks like that was too much work for a busy executive to do, because Automotive News has a story on how that ...

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    Report: Will your next car feature Bluetooth-enabled, self-adjusting seats? [w/video]

    At one time, recently at that, the 22-way adjustable seat was a marvel – especially since we didn't know our own bodies even had 22 different ways to be seated comfortably. Automotive supplier Faurecia plans on going well beyond that, however, with its prototype Bluetooth-enabled SmartFit ...

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    Report: New car seat concept uses your butt print as identification

    If Fido can distinguish people and other pooches by their backsides, why not a seat? When students at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo, Japan asked that question, they came up with a car seat fitted with 360 sensors that makes a map of the pressure applied by your ...

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    Freelander/LR2 to come with 7-passenger seating

    As the all-new LR2 graces billboards all over America, an all-newer LR2 (Freelander 2, to Euros) is already being planned in Europe. Land Rover won't admit to it, but Auto Express claims inside knowledge that a 7-seat variant is being drafted. If such a vehicle is in the works, it won't appear ...

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    Thanks to regulators, US MINIs get plain-looking seats

    It seems that once again, government regulations here in the US have taken their toll on the automotive enthusiast. The second generation MINI promised to be more of everything, and it is. More power, better handling, and more space inside. Unfortunately, as on the first generation, drivers in the ...


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